The Deninson or Brain Gym method, gymnastics for the brain?

Brain Gym method

The Deninson or Brain Gym method is a technique to combat child learning problems with body movements, discover it!

What is Brain Gym?

The Brain Gym works on the idea that finding the correct body movements can be overcome learning problems. Hence its name, since it means gymnastics Brain Gym brain.

The Deninson method is not exactly gymnastic exercises, but rather to correct body movements, unconsciously, they are not properly made (may go unnoticed to an untrained observer).

Brain Gym method
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By repeating these movements correctly new brain connections between neurons are opened. This unlocks those points of the brain that, according to the Brain Gym, may be having learning problems.

What is based on Brain Gym?

The Brain Gym is based on the theories made by Paul and Gail Dennison, in the 70s, were devoted to the investigation of more effective methods to help learning disabled children and adults.

In 1987 they instituted the non-profit foundation “Educational Kinesiology”, basing this learning technique in moving through the theories of Kinesiology.

Thus the Brain Gym is based on a theory of the relation of movement perception and their impact on fine motor skills and academic skills.

Expansion of Brain Gym

The method Deninson Brain Gym has since spread very quickly. It is currently in use in more than 80 countries and is widely used in British public schools. The Brain Gym is offered not only by way of children’s learning technique, but also for adults in some parts of the United States and Canada.

In what cases can help the Brain Gym?

The Brain Gym, in principle, can help with any problems early learning:

  • Dysgraphia: Is the difficulty writing (inversion of syllables, separating or paste words incorrectly, etc.)
  • Dyslexia: Is the disorder writing and reading; difficulty especially to distinguish letters, such as p, q, b, d, more symptoms of dysgraphia.
  • Dyscalculia: A combination of the two previous and attention problems. Is confusion between the numbers, investing and write 21 instead of 12 and vice versa, etc.
  • Attention problems: It is one of the biggest causes of learning problems. Children often have difficulty sitting, talk a lot and do not listen, interrupt, are restless, etc.
  • Delays in motor skills: Motor skills in children are closely linked to their relationship and interpreting the world and therefore the ability to learn. This is, in fact, one of the main ideas on which rests the Brain Gym.

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Controversy Brain Gym

There is considerable controversy regarding the scientific basis of some aspects of Brain Gym. Among the detractors of this technique is especially child learning physician and researcher Ben Goldacre onrushing from the “Bad Science” column of the prestigious British newspaper “The Guardian”.

It does so against the various techniques of this method whose scientific verification does not confirm its effectiveness. Many teachers of public schools sent letters to talking about the success of the Brain Gym newspaper.

Our advice

If you know any other children’s learning technique, in addition to Brain Gym, see our section dedicated to them in the section “Healthy Living”. There you will also find other sections devoted to learning problems treated by experts as well as general education and parenting.

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