5 Things You Have to Do Before You Graduate College


In college, it can be easy to let yourself focus on the present. Why wouldn’t you? – You have classes, homework, books to read and exams to study for. On the other side of that, you have a social life to maintain. However, you also want to think about life after graduation, because it will be coming around the corner faster than you think. The last thing you want is to get to your last month of college and realize that you didn’t set aside the time to think about what you are going to do. This is precisely why you want to put a few items on your list for things you need to do before you graduate, so that when you do, you are hitting the ground running – not clawing to get back to your university life. Here are five things you have to do before you graduate.


  1. Start Networking with Business Professionals Within Your Industry

One of things you need to do before you graduate is build a contact list. This will be essential, because when you graduate, you may want to call one of these people to get your foot in the door of a certain industry. Indeed, some industries, like the banking or tech industry, can be hard to get into.


  1. Find an Internship so that You Can Start Gaining Experience

One way to build connections and experience is to find an internship. Typically, the summertime is when you can find listings for internships in your community. In some cases, you may be able to ask your college if you can receive credit for those internships.


  1. Talk to Your Professor About Life After School

Your professor, if you have a good relationship with him or her, will have a lot of advice. This guidance may be invaluable when it comes to moving on to the next level of what you want to do in life. If you are taking a business course at Villanova University, your professor may advise you on the first steps that you should take when you graduate. It can also help to know how to avoid various pitfalls that other college students make.


  1. Work on Your Resume or CV

Of course, you also want to work on your CV before you graduate. If you have had no experience, this is all the more reason to sign up for a summer internship. On your CV, you can also mention your education and any odd jobs that you may have gotten over the course of your short collegiate career. All of these things will look good on your CV.


  1. Come Up with a Plan for Paying Off Your Loans

On top of everything, you want to come up with a solid plan for paying off all your loans. Indeed, you don’t want to graduate college without this plan. If you need to, you may want to speak with a financial advisor that can help point you in the right direction. In the end, there are actually a lot of options for paying off your loans.

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