Career Advice for Conflicted College Students

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Conflict. That nagging feeling in the deep pit of your gut that has you arguing with yourself (and possibly others) over which path is the right one to choose. It can happen with any major life decision and many college students are facing that significant conflict right now with respect to their career path ahead. The conflict comes in many forms, from which major they should choose to deciding on a career in a field they love versus a field that might be more lucrative. Some students may be facing an uphill climb in their chosen industry because the jobs simply aren’t there and they might find it too late to switch majors at New England College.


The fact of the matter is this, success can have many faces and it’s up to you to define what that means to you. It’s not always about monetary gain and financial reward, for many the right career path is about self-fulfillment or helping others or the pursuit of something that just makes them happy. The true measure of whether or not you can become rich doing any of these things is found inside your heart and your motives for pursuing a certain career.


Get a Real Job!

There are many attitudes towards selecting the proper career path, the first being that which one, or perhaps both, of your parents may have impressed upon you from the start. Pursue a career path that is realistic, one that will pay you a living wage and allow you to support yourself and your family down the line. Your passion isn’t a career, it’s a hobby or a side project to be pursued on the weekends. Sound familiar? This advice is going to hit home for some of you, other maybe not so much, especially if your passion happens to be the law, the medical field, or some vital industry that people have always relied on and will continue to do so in the future. This direction is definitely the more dependable and likely to make things easier on you.


Follow Your Heart

A passion can be a powerful thing, particularly if you’re any good at it. Some people might tell you that if you’re good at something others will notice and you can probably get paid to do that thing. Now the only question that remains is whether or not that field is hiring or if there’s any growth in that field. Some industries are constantly evolving and it’s possible to carve out a niche within any industry that is showing signs of fluctuation. Anyone who has real passion for something will find a way to do that thing they love, even if it means finding alternative work options while they pursue their ultimate career path.


True Riches

Money isn’t everything. There’s no denying that it’s a vital resource for survival but how much do you really need? Define comfortable for yourself and maybe the decision as to which career path is best for you can be identified much easier. Not everyone finds satisfaction through financial gain. Knowing who you are within and what really makes you happy is really the best, and possibly the only, barometer by which you should resolve your career conflict. The person most qualified to come to that decision is you. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. You’re the one who has to do the job at the end of the day.

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