Binding of dissertations, major designs


The presentation of the thesis is the most important in the academic life of a student, at least until that time point. Once the author has finished his work should present it in the proper form and each university usually carries variations in certain points. Today we talk about the main designs for the process of binding of doctoral thesis.

Much of the future doctors cannot access, or simply do not want to professional designers who will provide your project the desired look. The problem this suggests is that doctoral students usually do not have the time to, first learn to lay out, and another run this knowledge with his doctorate.

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Bookbinding designs doctoral theses

We all agree that a book cannot be judged by its cover, but it gets. And although thesis are not exactly to dazzle people, their appearance is the final shot of a long and hazardous work.

Practice hard or soft? Today is not mandatory to use hardback in finishing doctoral thesis, but the ideal is reported in the center where we will present it.

They establish three types of designs to choose from in the binding process. Depending on the point of view of the department or the director of the thesis may require us to be a classic design, allowing an average freedom or provide complete freedom for design.

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The centers often asked to appear on the cover certain sections:

  • Center where the thesis is defended (sometimes even the shield thereof)
  • Doctoral Thesis.
  • Title of the thesis.
  • Name of author.
  • Year.

The first page of the thesis contain the same data. What kind of design you have chosen in the binding of your doctoral theses?

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