Concept maps for school: The best way to orient yourself in the study

Concept maps

To make it easier to navigate and the best in the study, those who attend the middle school, but high school and college, it is always looking for the best method to study well and as quickly as possible. In this regard, one of the best ways to orient themselves in the study is represented by the concept maps, but what are they? Here’s how concept maps manually or using the best software on the network.

Concept maps
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Concept maps, powerful tool to outline the topics

Well, the concept maps are usually an excellent tool to study, especially for those who have problems in storage, as it is a method that allows you to go to outline the topics that you have to study. In detail, a concept map consists of a set of two elements represented by the conceptual nodes and the associative relationships.

Concept maps in school, the nodes and associative relationships

In detail, the conceptual node, to be represented on the sheet with a geometric figure, identifies words and key concepts related to the topic being studied. Associative relationships, as to depict with the ramifications, and in particular with the arrows, go instead to connect between them the different conceptual nodes.

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In other words with the associative relationships we are identified logical connections that are established between the concepts. Furthermore, the arrow that identifies an associative relationship, for completeness and for a better readability, a label can be associated with which it goes on to explain the relationship between the conceptual nodes.

Concept maps for the school, the benefits and software

If well used, concept maps allow you to quickly store, to learn and embrace the concepts and notions, and stimulate memory in the long term with the advantage that the study will be remembered after a long time, even for years. Being a graphic schematization, before making concept maps you need to identify, among the topics to go to study in books, what are the key words and concepts, which for convenience may be highlighted with a marker.

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