How quickly store and catalog good ideas

quickly store

For anyone who is a student of high school, or has already entered the university, often the performance in the study reflects the difficulties that are related to storage. This is because it is important to take up the themes, topics and concepts, but must also be able to remember them, and without confusion. And then, how to store well and quickly?

quickly store
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Quickly store with the reading of the whole

Well, in this respect there is a technique of storage that is equal fast, effective and efficient for all, but there are the basic methods that allow to learn and memorize quickly. The first trick is to read through the book and / or notes to be studied in order to be able to have an overview. At this stage it is recommended to read aloud that is a functional technical understanding.

To complete the understanding, facilitating then the storage through the study, then we must go to a second reading in order to proceed with the study into several parts to avoid over-long sessions. At least every two hours of study is good in fact make a 15-minute break and mentally summarize what has been done in order to understand also what topics have been fully assimilated.

Store quickly with the review at intervals

In the perspective of fast storage, also, stress can be useful but it must be done in a targeted manner avoiding highlight whole sentences. At this point, after the topics to be studied have been included for quickly storing it came time to explain the concepts, arguments and issues addressed through the technique of the comprehensive review and continuing at intervals in order to stimulate memory in the long term.

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Fundamental and useful at this stage to quickly store may be the group sessions, even with only two people, to simulate the exam going to formulate questions to jump on the topics studied. This is because many times the topics studied are explained and shared, the faster the storage, and the higher the probability of the exam and to overcome it with honors.

If you prefer to group sessions studying exclusively by yourself, then to speed up the storage it is good to adopt the self-interrogation technique before preparing a list of questions in the revision stage and then repeating aloud clearly having closed all the books and notes.

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