Relax and study: The winning mix


The truth is that our body needs breaks to recharge, so it is very difficult to study for whole hours at a time without moving.

Relax and study: What to do?

At the university, we have to work both in class and at home. It is not easy to keep good pace of study and after a while ‘our batteries are discharged. The stereotype of the model student is the person who never looks up from books and who spends all his time reading. The truth is that our bodies need breaks to recharge, so it is very difficult to study for whole hours at a time without moving. Of course, each of us has its own rhythms of study, but in any case is good for us to take small breaks to “oxygenate the brain.”

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Relax and studio: The right dose

We try to figure out how to optimally manage our relaxation. Moments are precious and we must learn to recognize the value, because they give us new energies if we learn to handle them the right way.

What can give you calm and tranquility in your daily routine? You could sip your coffee out on the couch, connect to Facebook for a few minutes, or put to some good music and listen to your favorite tracks. Some people prefer to call friends and go out together somewhere local for a drink, who’s going to do sport and those who like to lie down and rest in front of the TV.

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Relax and studio: The pause are important

Remember to alternate study and relaxation. Establish the time of your detachment moments, so do not distract you too long before resuming your duties as a student. Some guys prefer to take short breaks regularly and often, others are better with few breaks but longer. What you choose to do during the breaks must be pleasant, since it is something that you have earned for the efforts you are making also rest your eyes and your brain. So when you resume studying the fresh mind and are ready to concentrate to the fullest!

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