Dare 7 Examinations in a Session? Here is the Secret of a Student


When you have too many tests to give and no solution in mind … here are a few secrets to keep in mind to pass them all and greet the university!

1. Unplug phones, PCs, tablets etc …

The work is much and we have to minimize distractions. Therefore, unless it’s really not necessary, I would say to reduce the use made of it by electronic devices. Indeed, if you can put it in airplane mode the whole thing and turn off the PC. I will not be drastic; I only want that you succeed in the attempt. You will not have any distractions of any kind, any kind of object on your desk that might distract you slow down your work. So, if you cannot put the phone in airplane mode because your mother is apprehensive do in order to remove Internet. So you can receive calls but not receive text messages WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter etc …You will be at 90% isolated from the world.

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2. Divide the various notes, texts, books and summaries…

That’s right, the best thing is to try to make order. The goal of being able to give an excellent examination session will seem closer with good mental and material organization. Imagine giving 7 exams: 1 EXAMINATION, EXAMINATION 2, 3 … EXAMINATION…. EXAMINATION 7. Now, on our desk we have to organize these maniacally exams. Impiliamo then the various exams. Clear, if you had such a spacious desk do it on the floor or wherever you have space.

3. Start studying with highlighters and try to sum up as little as possible

I know it may seem strange as a thing but unfortunately time is everything and if you want to give, a good examination session should begin to give up some “comfort” as summaries. Try to use highlighters in various colors and associate the colors of the importance of the information. You will see that, after a few weeks you will gain very familiar with this method and repeat directly from the book. If you want to pin something, free to do so. However, do it directly on the book and try to break away from it as little as possible.

4. Schemes, plans, schemes

If you are an incurable “writers” convert your summarized in schemes .Going forward you will see that we will always do less.

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5. Try to divide your time well between a subject and the other

Fossilization not a single subject. It seems well discounted as a thing, as you have to give a good examination session. So try to divide and calculate well the hours and the days, like a real job. And actually it is not! And you will not be paid, a bit like a real job. Seriously, it’s really important to be able to achieve the set academic goals. So, do not think in any way, unless you have a real problem, to skip the daily page study.

6. On the internet you can find many summaries of texts used for your exams

So even try notes and summaries that can streamline the job. Maybe you will also save some money on the texts.

7. These are small tips, if applied well they’re sure manage to give their results

So you just have to try and try to give a good examination session. If you do not manage to give 7 am sure that you will give something like 5 or 6. In addition also depends on the exam difficulty. There are tests that require study as were ten exams and others that really require a minimum of fuss. Once you find the right method will succeed surely gain some satisfaction more.

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