6 Simple ways to make sure you do not graduate ever


Distraction is everywhere … Sure, there are pathological cases like myself, who could stand to watch for two hours flight of the swallows with open mouth and dazed expression, rather than focus on the books. However, there are some very powerful distractions, which could detract from the study even the most incorrigible nerds. Here is all that from which you have to protect yourself, the stratagems that the Supreme Evil uses to confuse us and distract us from our goals: 6 ways to be sure not to graduate ever.

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# 1 Set your heart on the TV series

It matters little that you had passionate intrigues of “Desperate Housewives” , to the vicissitudes of “How I met your mother” or to sexual promiscuity “Grey’s Anatomy” … The fact remains that you’re fucked, doomed inexorably RUINED because once you have begun to follow a TV series, you will want to see at least 5 episodes per day : a while lunches, while a sup a while you poop in mid-afternoon, one before going to sleep and in the night, because you can not sleep because you are too curious to know how the story continues. I, personally, I entered the tunnel “Game of Thrones” (i.e.: sex and violence as if there were no tomorrow) and I have mixed feelings of love / hatred of the man who invented the streaming. Fortunately, it comes out just one episode per week: now step every Monday dreaming about my evening by the PC with beer in hand and look possessed and enjoyment load. Stuff to serious addiction. I feel sick. Help me.

# 2 Download Mobile Games

At one time, it was enough to leave home and go to study in the library to avoid the temptation to play for whole afternoons playing video games. Well, of course, there was the GameBoy, but my parents did not tell me they have never wanted to buy, so I got the scientific high school diploma, but condemning me for many years to social exclusion. Nowadays, however, any idiot who is in possession of a smartphone can be sucked into the vortex of Candy Crush Saga or lose entire days defying strangers to Ruzzle. And the problem of these online games is that people too competitive completely crazy: I once won a game of Quiz Duel and the players – a perfect stranger – me? “I knew I should not have played against you … With this defeat I lost 9 points in the overall standings. Just now, you block. I’m done with you” . Um … Yeah, sure. Now take your meds.

# 3 Enter the social networks tunnel

Let’s talk. There are people who would sell the soul of his mother to Satan to have so many likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter. There are people who photograph the carbonara before eating, that immortalize their pants down while they are sitting on the toilet, which share with the world their own outfits for the evening, directly from an H & M dressing room. There are people who spend hours photos and clicking selfies with the appealing look of an underage prostitute for even more like. There are people who just share something on a social network, they hasten to put “like” and comment, it’s during the day or at night or in the shade of the last sun. Well, congratulations: in this way, manage their profile becomes a full time job … That takes time to study.

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# 4 Suffering from hyperphagia

I do not know about you, but for me the fridge has always been an endless source of distraction. I have not yet figured out if my immense appetite is due to the energy consumption of my saturated brain concepts, or simply the fact that I do not feel like taking a sledgehammer and then I eat for the sake of wasting time. And the scariest thing is that the hyperphagia Shot leads me to devour random foods, which have nothing to do with each other. That is, guys, let’s talk: I cannot eat a piece of cheese, closely followed by a spoonful of Nutella, then move on to the tuna, raided a forkfuls directly from the box. Sometimes I am disgusting alone. Only solution? Keep in the fridge only the bare minimum, to avoid doing break / snack every five minutes compromising my study. And, if I ever get to discuss the thesis, I can avoid doing it wearing a maternity dress.

# 5 Suffering from lethargy

I guess I’m the only human being on this blog to suffer from the “syndrome of the dormouse” and to have the strong tendency to fall asleep in all places, in all ways, in all the lakes and in any more or less inconvenient time. The moment in which evil manifests itself most is the post-prandial period, especially in the summer: the lethal combination “stomach sated / scorching heat” makes me think “I lie on the bed only twenty minutes and then I get back to studying”. Error, fatal error. After an indefinite time, I regain consciousness and I realize with great dismay that he had made an utter fuck all afternoon. But the total catastrophe happens when you say: “It’s hot. I almost go to study on the balcony / to the park / beach / any other business”. No. At the park to the maximum, you can go to sleep, chasing butterflies or collect daisies while you write love poems. But studying really. And now stop saying bullshit and open the book.

# 6 Suffering from hypersexuality

Sometimes the library or classroom study I look around and think: “But these people are students like me? Because I have the color in shades of gray mouse and these seem rather just returned from Copacabana? Because I make my entrance into the courtroom, limping with air from rotting zombies, while these seem cursed Hollywood stars on the red carpet?

It’s so: whatever your orientation, it is likely that a young man or a young lady with pleasant appearance distance in front of you while you are studying, creating in your mind and in your hormones a deep state of mental and sexual confusion that will prevent you to concentrate for 24h later. Certain / and go in a certain classroom own studio in order to spy on the object of one’s desire foaming at the mouth and squealing like rats they just put their legs on a parmesan crust. Deep social unease scenes.

In short, when nature calls – whether it’s hunger, sleep or impure thoughts – the desire to study and concentration can fall below freezing. And if you put even the technology, then it is really the end. It can be concluded that the only way to graduate both retire to a hermitage among the Himalayan peaks , without PC and mobile phone, making a vow of chastity and feeding only dry bread and rainwater. Oh, and, of course she is carrying coffee. Much coffee.

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