Deciding What Clothing to Pack for College

Preparing for college involves more than getting the right school supplies. It involves revamping your entire wardrobe, which may not be affordable for you. First, decide on the best things to take; college students have unique wardrobe needs that cover everything from a job interview to a party. That sometimes I wet my plants shirt will have its day in the sun. You also want to cover the basics and so much more.

Covering the Basics

Jeans and t-shirts are acceptable in class and many college settings. Presentable tops and pants should be taken along in case you go on a date or out for dinner. Suits aren’t the norm in most colleges, but you want something like a button-down shirt and khaki pants. Girls should have a dress or skirt handy, but these don’t have to be worn all the time. Sweaters, pajamas, jackets and gym clothes are good to take along as well.

Keep the Weather in Mind

The school year spans multiple seasons, and the weather can change fast when school starts. If you’re traveling, make sure you take the appropriate clothing. Dress warmly for the fall and take winter garments along too, for when you’ll need them, especially if you won’t see your family for a while. Take clothing that is appropriate for the next couple of months. Bringing your entire wardrobe along isn’t usually necessary or practical, plus you can switch things out later.

Store Potential Items at Home

If there are clothes you aren’t sure will be needed, keep them in a box at home. Someone could always ship it to you if there’s an emergency, or the weather is different than expected. Your “just in case” box can also be used to send home warmer weather clothing, which you won’t need for a while.

Don’t Bring Too Much

If you overdo it, you’ll end up with no room to keep everything. There may be some clothes you don’t want to wear; plus you may want to expand your wardrobe when you get to college. The school sweatshirt, novelty t-shirts from local shops, and items you get from clothing swaps can quickly add to the pile. Just make sure you have the basics when you get to campus.

Also, don’t forget to bring plenty of underwear; this is something that many college students skimp on. It’s better to overstock on underwear, socks, and bras. Running out of these can be embarrassing, unlike a pair of jeans that doesn’t have to be washed every time. Also, don’t take too many dressy outfits, but make sure you have at least one. You never know when a sudden job interview, internship, or other formal occasion or opportunity may come up in college.

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