How to Avoid Distractions and Get Your Homework Done in College


College brings tougher homework assignments, more distractions, and peers who just want to hang out rather than study. You may have to balance reading difficult novels of centuries past with completing complex math problems. There could be half a dozen more assignments to get done by the end of the week. Getting through your undergraduate program at NEC Online is not any easier; you still have to manage your time, which requires avoiding distractions.

There are several ways to focus on your homework. First, know when each assignment is due. If you write down when three or four assignments have to be in, then you can figure out what to do first, and what time you can be free. Have different notebook sections for each subject as well. Mixing everything together is just going be distracting; especially when you must find the study materials you need the most.

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How to Rid Yourself of Distractions in College

When you really need time to concentrate, turn off the phone or log out of Facebook. Shut the TV off. Do whatever it takes to maximize your productivity at the moment. The fewer things you check when doing homework, the easier it is to get it done.

Another strategy is to schedule your tasks. Block time to do homework for specific subjects, so you don’t get off track. This ensures those tasks will get done and it’s not all left to the last minute. After all, rushing to complete homework assignments only leaves room for mistakes, and you learn less too.

Focus on Your Habits

You may want to feel freer during your time at Alabama State University, but your life needs structure. Studying more than one subject at a time is not an effective form of multitasking. Do the homework and study for each subject separately. If you find it hard to concentrate while alone, study around other people. They can provide encouragement and point out when you start browsing the Internet instead of doing your work.

Work isn’t always the most important thing. The time you spend resting is just as important. Spend a little time in between tasks so you feel rejuvenated when you get back to work. A general rule is to take a 10-minute break after working for 50 minutes. Move, walk, exercise, or eat a snack so it is easier to concentrate.

If you are able to manage your time and keep out the distractions when you are working, you can absorb more information and have all your homework done in time for the next class. College is about learning. It is not for doing the impossible. Staying focused is one of the best ways to learn.

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