Online language translator: The top 5 sites to consult!

Online language translator

There are several free platforms that can be used. The best online language translator? Here are our choices, tried and proven for you.

How many times, struggling with language homework, transcript of your CV or simply a translation of the text of a foreign song, we used Google translator as a watershed for a faithful adaptation of the text. Well, know that Google Translator does not offer a maximum (and reliable) translation … although in recent years the place of online language translator most famous in the world has improved a lot. The wide world of the web, however, there are several other thousands of sites that may be for you. What? Here they are …

Online language translator
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Perhaps not too exhaustive from the point of view of the length (the 300 character limit) it is, perhaps, better to use it as a dictionary of individual terms. I mostly recommend it for this function.

2. Free Translation

We start from the most interesting thing for the joy of all of us: it is a free service. Free translation allows you to indulge in the translation of any language (40 different languages are present as a starting language), but converting the text in just 5: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

3. itranslate4

A translator who consult other translators. iTranslate4 is a ‘useful’ element to have multiple versions of your translation. And a tool that crosses the results of multiple search engines trying to provide the most reliable possible. How about Google Translate, there are different languages translation.

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4. Babelfish

Habemus Babelfish. First of all we must say that was a Babelfish translator online language among the most used (if not the most used) before it descended into Google Translator field. As in the case of, this tool enables the translation of texts not longer than 300 characters at a time and in 14 languages. It has, frankly, lost a bit too much ground lately, but remains a fairly reliable platform to use.

5. Bing

One of the main competitors of Google translator. It allows the use of 44 languages, compared to 72 of Google Translate. But it has since its an extremely important element: the quality of translations is good and many users prefer it to others for its very attractive interface and easy to use.

The Best: Google translator

You … at the end you have to come back here. Very intuitive and effective. And the most users use translation tool. Although there are still imperfections on the quality of the translation, Google is making big steps forward to improve the user experience on its platform. Clearly, compared to an online language translator seriously lose a little … but let us remember that we are dealing with a free-access program.

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