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The college career is a unique experience, whoever lived could not help but re-evaluate itself, the place where he was born and raised, the relationship with their loved ones and the relationship with others. It can be said that everything they believed with the university is in question. Among the issues that you face in the classroom and outside of any university in the continuous race of students who seek to be strong one another or hinder each other, it makes no effort to emerge what is the hierarchy of those faculties that apparently would be more satisfying and profitable rather than others. In this climate differentiate those faculties classified in Serie A because bastions of education and those of series B, which are called “Science of Snacks” or “SdM”, “Science of Toys” Jokes of Sciences “etc. etc ..

There are various faculties that carry this name and are usually younger faculty whose field of study is not within a specific sector (often scientific) but lends itself to many applications.

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But let more specifically, we draw a top three of what are considered SdM and now must fight and dispel this myth:

  1. Communication Sciences,
  2. Educational Sciences,
  3. Political Science.

Whence then comes the naming SdM?

SdM was created to emphasize the closeness of some faculties, such as Communication Studies, to the world of advertising. The main reason is found in the birth of modern advertising that has its roots in the second half of ‘900, in that world of snack foods to which advertising is still widely used.

They came up to us slogans like “The moral is always the same, you do snack with swivel!” And then get to the stories in episodes such as those of the hen Rosita Miller and starring Antonio Banderas in advertising Mulino Bianco. The advertising market is actually just one of the many areas in which a merendinaio Doctor can operate.

The reference then by itself is not offensive, but is limited in the narrow the wide range of professions such as communicative, educational and political / social.

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The area of investigation they are dealing with our scientists is humanistic so broad and not well defined, a recent graduate in these disciplines in fact, finds himself with a cultural background that at first may find it hard to take off in the labor market. Many, in fact, they cannot see beyond the surface and do not capture the real potential that a non-canonical address to offer. It also adds another important condition: not just the training that offers the option but it takes a strong sense of direction, working spirit and desire to do, learn and embrace new trends. In this way, you can explain the direction of these faculties to not follow the canons of the faculties deemed to be difficult.

Fortunately the basis of this feud is also possible to have a constructive dialogue and it is clear by whom, regardless of the course of study who attends or has attended is willing to get involved because it is aware that knowledge and understanding are not finite sets but need a continuous “labor limae” or “filing work” to grow as students but first as individuals.

A college student that wants to be defined as such should have the ability not to criticize what you do not know and should know that the aim of a university is to open the mind and formed from many points of view, without food stupid prejudices that make us look more “talkative “a country that is not a future Doctors.

Snacks of Science can be and become all the faculties that are made without passion, sacrifice and no sweat to endocrinologist who often cannot even identify the color of the tape on their crown.

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