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What does the journalist do? If you want to find out the benefits and what are the requirements for having a publicity journalist do not miss this article …

Journalist: What does they do?

Becoming a journalist is an ambition of many. The profession of journalists attracts people with interests of all kinds, all together with passion for writing. The spread of online newspapers has also increased career opportunities in this area. If you also want to become a journalist, you’ve come to the right article! SOS Students will explain to you what are the requirements to become part of the Order of Journalists. Being a member of the Professional Register is an indispensable condition for practicing journalism, but how do you do it?

First of all, however, it should be noted that not all journalists are the same. Did you know that journalists are divided into two categories, i.e. journalists and professional journalists? If the answer is no, then the difference is straightforward: according to law are professionals who exercise exclusively and continuously the profession of journalist; publishers who are non-occasional and paid journalists even though they practice other professions or jobs.

Journalist: Requirements

Being a journalist has therefore some advantages over working as a professional journalist. First, you can practice more professions, and the path to becoming a journalist is shorter and easier.

In order to obtain a publicity journalist’s license, the relevant card and entry to the list of journalist journalists must, however, have certain requirements:

  • Absence of criminal records
  • Certificate of payment of the government grant
  • Submit published articles and certificates that have been regularly paid for at least two years;
  • Photocopy of the eventual collaboration agreement with the head (or headwear)
  • Documentation of the salary received in the last 24 months
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Journalist: Journalistic collaborations

As you have read to become a journalist, you must first work for one or more newspapers for at least two years. It is not relevant that you are newspapers, periodicals, you can become a journalist even by writing online. The newspapers must, however, be registered with the Tribunal and have a director enrolled in the journal of journalists.

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To be clearer, here’s how to get the requirements to become a journalist …

  • Published articles: The law does not include a minimum number of articles to become a journalist, or rather, decides each Regional Journalist’s Order. For this condition to be valid you must attach the certification of the publications that must be issued by the current editor of the editorial office.
  • Remuneration: As far as the salary is concerned, although there is a reference rate, there is no minimum remuneration required for enrollment in the list of journalists.
  • Contract: The collaboration agreement can be of any kind, but the activity must be continuous and paid for at least two years.

Professional journalist: How do you do it?

Anyone who is already a member of the Register as a publicist and has been engaged in journalism for at least three years may apply to the Regional Council where he / she resides, to enroll in the Register of Practitioners. Collaboration relationships must always be with one or more qualified heads for the conduct of journalistic practice.

Now that you know the requirements and benefits, what are you looking for in the editorial office where to start writing to become a journalist?

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