Importance of School Health Check Up for Returning to School

Importance of school health check up

With the beginning of the school year, parents and children are prepared with uniforms, lists of school supplies, books, and other materials that allow optimal school performance. But forget that health is essential for the proper development of children at the beginning of this new period.

Importance of school health check up

The importance of performing a school health check up before the start of the school year, to avoid absenteeism caused by the usual conditions, such as the parasitosis, allergies, easily transmitted diseases, anemia, among others. This check will allow children to start the new year with the necessary energy to have excellent academic performance.

Laboratory tests

The ideal medical check-up for returning to the class comprises laboratory tests, including blood, urine, and stool tests to identify parasites. Also of dental, auditory, and visual evaluation, being completed with the evaluation of the pediatrician.

In the pediatrician’s evaluation, it will be known if the weight and height are consistent with the child’s age. The dental evaluation allows preventing, identify, and treat problems in the oral health of children in time. The visual evaluation will allow knowing if the child correctly identifies objects and letters. Making adjustments on time avoids major problems. The auditory evaluation will identify problems that must be treated and corrected on time.

Take care of body

It is necessary that parents be interested in the subject and take their sons and daughters to perform medical exams before returning to school to know their health status. That is the only way to prevent, detect, and treat conditions in minors. Only in this way is good academic performance guaranteed in children.

A good medical check-up includes laboratory, ophthalmological, and psychological tests to detect conditions in adolescents and children.

The laboratory test allows diagnosing problems such as anemia and diabetes and recognizes the presence of parasitic infections. The ophthalmological exam warns of possible visual problems such as redness in the eyes or difficulties in looking at objects or texts. And the psychological one, allows parents to know if they have problems in their relationship with their other classmates, learning problems, among others.

Check uniforms

It is not only a matter of buying the best supplies, preparing the uniforms and other materials that allow schoolchildren to perform optimally in their first days of school. But a state of primary health for their proper development throughout the period.

That is why it is important to have a general medical check before school avoids absenteeism, often caused by allergies, anemia, easily contagious diseases — having a preventive check-up before school days will allow both parents and children to start a new semester with energy and academic performance that will not only be reflected in grades, also, in the learning and joy of each school day.

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