Benefits of Summer School Course in the New Environment

benefits of summer school

Having fun and adapting to new environments, as well as gaining independence or doing physical activity, are some advantages. With the beginning of the summer, an extended holiday period for the students begins and the parents’ concern to find a course or camp. It meets their expectations. Also, fosters and develops capacities that are not acquired in the school or that they try to strengthen.

Benefits of summer school

In the market, there are offers of all kinds: sports, technological, language, art, etc. for the little ones, while, for an older audience such as teenagers and young people, there are alternatives for the development of skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving ability, academic reinforcement activities etc. These focus more on training modality and skills acquisition. Everything will depend on the interests, age, aim, methodologies and schedules for selecting the most appropriate course.

For teachers who have not decided to recommend and families who have not yet enrolled their children in a summer course here are some benefits of doing so:

benefits of summer school

Social skills development

When a child or young person attends a summer course, he faces living and interacting with new people outside the school circle to which he was already adapted. It creates the ability to interact more easily. These social skills are put to the test when working in group activities, meeting individuals with other cultures. Without counting that this new environment allows us to meet new friends with a related activity in common. They can share experiences even when the course ends.

Independence and trust

If you, as a teacher or parent, identify in the child or young person, an attitude of dependence or lack of self-esteem or confidence. A well-directed summer course can help develop self-confidence since training in these activities is more flexible, and you bet for more informal participation than those of the school. Also, receiving specialized knowledge in activities in which children have a particular interest is an effective method to keep them motivated and to create their identity.

Fun and use of time

Summer courses or camps are an opportunity for your children to leave their comfort zone and take advantage of their free time in an activity they like. There was a dynamic and entertaining summer. This holiday period is an alternative to console games or watching television and will become an unforgettable experience.

Adaptation to new challenges and environments

Once the holidays are entered, the student loses the routine and daily order established during the school period. The summer course, although it is a more flexible activity in terms of times, schedules and tasks, helps not to lose the habits achieved completely. The benefit is that the ability to adapt to new time spaces and to live with other individuals while having fun and learning is developed.

Choosing a summer course according to the personal goals that children have is an experience. It is for them can become a facilitator to achieve their own achievements and generate feelings of fulfilment.

Perform physical and intellectual activity

Summer vacation courses promote sports, cognitive and even emotional activity where activities disguised as fun make knowledge more easily perceived. Young people and children participate in programs aimed at harnessing their energy productively. In addition, several studies indicate that when a sport is practised, it helps improve health, academic achievement and social relationships.

It is always important to investigate whether the summer course or camp you are planning to attend has professionals trained in the skills or knowledge that will be instructed if they are trained to work with children and manage groups. Also, find out if the facilities where the course will take place have all the permits and requirements that guarantee the safety of the participants.

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