Must-Have Menswear For The Modern Man

White Shirt

Every modern man should have a white shirt in his wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if it is plain or herringbone. Both are elegant and timeless classics that work for many occasions. A medium button-down collar can be worn with almost anything and works with all face shapes. Cotton weave or herringbone twill are the best materials for a collar. They are durable and stylish.

A Short Sleeved Shirt

This smart casual staple must be worn with the current trend of a slim fit, and sleeves that finish mid-bicep. Cotton is the best fabric for summer because it breathes and absorbs. It looks great in plain colours, light patterns or mature floral designs.

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A Sweater

There are surely no wardrobes that are complete without sweaters? They are an absolute essential for the modern man. There is comfort and practicality in this. V-neck styles are great for layering with jeans and boots or a shirt with a tie. An irish sweater for men can be worn alone, under a jacket and scarf or as a lightweight summer garment to throw over a tee shirt in the evenings. For an irish sweater for men, go to Shamrock Gift.

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A Navy Blazer

It is one of the most durable items in the man’s closet and can be worn separately from the jacket that came with the suit. The navy blazer looks great with jeans, khakis or flannel pants. It can also be dressed up with details like mother of pearl buttons and patch pockets.


Cotton trousers are extremely popular because of their comfort and versatility. You can pair a light neutral like sand, stone or khaki with any jacket, shirt, or sweater. These trousers are available in flat front or pleated designs and can be worn smart casually, even at the office.

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