What are bifold doors?

Bifold doors are made up of a series of glass panels that concertina together, up against a wall when opened. They slide on a track that is installed into the window space. These doors pull open from the centre, which not only means they are easier to open than your traditional sliding door, but they also allow for easy seeing whether there is anything in the way before you crash into a chair that has been left behind.

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These large doors are great for creating a more open space within your home as the large expanse of glass allows you to look out on your garden and brings a garden room feeling to your home.  If you have bought a smaller home to rent out and want to amend the house you will require an occupier consent form which can be provided by businesses such as Sam Conveyancing.

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Bifold doors also allow for more natural sunlight to permeate throughout your house. To be truly flexible for your needs bifold doors come with the option of one static door that can be opened when you want access to the area but do not want to slide the whole door open.

Bifold doors can be fitted internally for use in larders and to separate open plan rooms or they can be used externally to create the beautiful garden room feel that many of us crave in our properties.


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