Some of the Most Fun Activities in Preschool

Some of the most fun preschool activities in preschool Redmond WA can include various games and crafts. For example, preschoolers will love creating their pizzas with cardboard boxes. Another fun activity is sorting beans with an empty egg carton and bean soup mix. You can also stack plastic Easter egg halves on straws and decorate them with stickers. You can also use bamboo skewers to create Pattern Towers.


Oobleck is a fun sensory activity that can engage children in various developmental stages. It also helps children develop fine motor skills. Mixing and handling the oobleck can also encourage conversation. For example, kids can compare different colors and textures by discussing them with each other. Making oobleck is also an ideal opportunity to introduce children to the scientific method and various states of matter.

Oobleck can be made using flour, water, and food coloring. This will create a thick mixture. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from the dye. During the activity, children should use a spoon to mix the mixture.


Besides being a fun activity, clothespins also help children learn their letters. They can write on them to spell different words and even learn some sight words! They can also learn about different types of clothes and make their pattern. The possibilities are endless.

Kids can count clothespins by placing them on a board. It improves their visual memory and cognitive skills, as they have to use their brains to match each clothespin with a number. Moreover, they also develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, as they have to pinch the clothespin with their fingers. They can also focus better and concentrate better when playing this game.

Another way to use clothespins is through painting. Painting with clothespins develops textures and builds fine motor skills. Preschoolers can also use it as a way to practice counting. There are many free printable activities available online. Some include the Counting Octopus, Painting With Clothespins, and Hands On As We Grow. You can also try Eric Carle’s The Hungry Caterpillar activity, which is excellent for fine motor development.

Alphabet Stickers

One of the essential skills for preschool children is learning the alphabet. Knowing each letter is a prerequisite to understanding the sounds of those letters as and to read. Children can practice letter recognition through fun and engaging activities, such as making letter stickers. Here are a few ideas for alphabet stickers.

Preschoolers can use alphabet stickers to practice their letter recognition. They can also use them in games. For example, they can play alphabet bingo by calling out letters and racing to place the sticky notes on a new wall. They can also play alphabet sound races.

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and ladders are a simple game that helps develop mathematical concepts. This classic game is great for three to five-year-olds because it helps children learn about the value of numbers by adding and subtracting. It also teaches children about the primary sequence of numbers. For instance, the child on square nine moves five spaces forward to square 14, and he realizes that nine plus five is fourteen. The child also learns to count by rote and to understand that ten is more significant than six.

The Sight Words Snakes & Ladders game is a variant of Snakes and Ladders. The game incorporates reading while providing many opportunities for sight word repetition. It is best played in small groups of two or three players and requires a game board, game pieces, and a die.

Magic Milk

Magic milk is a great science experiment for preschoolers. It’s simple to do, and kids love the results. It’s also an excellent way to introduce children to color and chemical reactions. It also uses simple materials that can be adapted to your classroom’s needs.

Magic milk works by examining the forces at work on the surface of a liquid. Surface tension is a property of all liquids. This property is responsible for causing fluids to be buoyant. As a result, when water is added past the rim of a glass, the water rises and forms a dome on top. This effect is similar in other liquids, such as ice.

Another magic milk activity involves adding dish soap to a container of milk. Milk is made up of proteins and fat, which attract soap molecules. These molecules then find their partners in the milk and stir it up. It looks like an eruption after a couple of seconds.

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