5 Helpful Tips for College Athletes

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If you are a college athlete, you must feel like you are in a good spot now. However, college athletes start to see some conflict with their position as the collegiate years go on. It can be exciting to play your favorite sport for a college team, but you also have to make sure your life is balanced. For instance, you don’t want to make your life all about the game, because you will eventually graduate and will need some kind of a backup plan. If your backup plan is to head to the pros, then you want to be realistic about that and do what you can to develop a plan for training. All in all, it can help to have some tips. Here are five helpful tips for college athletes.


  1. Get Plenty of Sleep

More than anything, you want to be sure that you make sleep a main priority. Indeed, you want to be to be sure that you get eight hours each night. With the amount of training and conditioning you will be doing – not to mention competing – you will need to be well rested. Instead of partying all night, you want to tell your buddies that you need to go home and rest.


  1. Don’t Push Yourself Beyond Your Physical Limits

On top of getting enough sleep, you also want to be realistic when it comes to your physical limits. The last thing you want is to push yourself so far that you break a bone, pull a muscle or tear a ligament. All of these injuries could be career ending. Moreover, most of these injuries occur when an athlete doesn’t know his or her own limits on the court or field.


  1. Make Friends Outside of the Sports World

When you are a college athlete – either at University of San Francisco or University of California Los Angeles – it can be easy to spend your entire life with your other teammates. However, this can cause you to feel a little insulated and stuck. If you want a better-rounded social experience, you’ll want to meet people and spend time with people in other social circles. You’ll feel a lot more satisfied when you do.


  1. Maintain Yourself as a Brand

As a college athlete, you are essentially a brand. It is important to take advantage of this brand and get what you need. You should never feel like you are forced to play if you don’t like something or want to renegotiate a contract. Moreover, you could be taking advantage of outside sponsorships and other unique deals that could net you some capital.


  1. Start Thinking About the Future

On top of everything, you want to start thinking about your future. When you are in regular classes – not in the gym or weight room – you really want to take things seriously. There is a chance that you won’t make it to the pros when your graduate, so you want to have another field of interest lined up. In the end, the game may be your life, but you can never underestimate the power of a college education.

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