6 Steps To Follow To Win A Battle Of Wits

Win a battle of wits

Having discussions is very normal, because it is impossible to match the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of another person 100%. But it is true that we produce verbal fights emotional exhaustion that cannot be compared with anything.

Although I am of the opinion that, sometimes, peace is better than winning a battle, not bad defend what they really think as good. We all have our way of seeing things, and while the blood does not reach the river, we must make it known.

Win a battle of wits
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Step 1: Get the facts

Have you ever happened to you? Just when you’re angry, making a claim, you realize that you are not right …

Before you start WWIII, stop and ask yourself, do I know all about what I mean? What I am saying is important? Am I getting in trouble over nothing? Is it worth a fight for this?

Step 2: Prepare for the other point of view

Although you think you’re right, maybe your discussion partner see things from a totally different perspective.

Putting in place and see things as he does, you will have more chances to win. You show empathy towards the other, you will lower the temperature of the debate between the two and you can reach a solution.

Step 3: Open your mind

And if you cannot open it, you must give that feeling. The last thing to do is get defensive, because you will not get into fights than go on forever. If you give a thoughtful solution taking into account what your opponent says, which come near to you and the conflict will be solved by itself.

Step 4: Keep your emotions at bay

When you lose the papers, automatically you make your opponent increase your anger and the fight will go in crescendo.

If you show self-control, not only you earn points, if not even, you can get to avoid discussion.

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Step 5: There is always solution

Amid a festival of shouting, negativity cannot let you see this, but if you keep hoping that every conflict can be solved only have to find the creative response to end the problem.

Be positive and looking for solutions, not problems.

Step 6: Always respect

Never insult, never belittle your opponent. That should be the general rule. In a fight because there is not always a clear winner, no one who has the universal truth of the matter.

Only two people you are giving your opinion, so if you want to continue to maintain a relationship (of any kind) with your opponent, relax.

Remember something: Have the last word in an argument does not always mean “win the battle”. In a fight nobody wins, keep that in mind.

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