Interesting Survey with Engineering Students

We asked few questions to engineering students about their experiences on the path to becoming engineers. There are very interesting responses by students in top colleges in the county.

1. Did you know what your branch would be like before you chose it?
72% said, yes. The other 28% of students chose their branch without enough awareness of what they would be learning.

2. Do you know why you took engineering?
71% explained the reason. But the other 29% of students say they didn’t have a reason for choosing engineering.

3. Is engineering the best profession?
58% said yes while the other 42% of to-be engineers don’t think so.

4. Would you do it all again?
57.5% said, yes. While the other 42.5% of students say they would not do engineering again if they could turn back the clock.

5. 1 crore rupees instead of engineering, would you take it?
Now that is interesting, 66.99% of students would not exchange their degree for even 1 crore rupees.

6. Did school education prepare you to face engineering?
69.52% say No. That is indeed a large number of students disappointed by their school level education.

7. What would you be if not an engineer?
It was a breath of fresh air to get their responses, which ranged from “Theoretical Physicist” to “Cartoonist”. Some engineer’s would rather be “Economists” as well as “Game Designers”. There were even dreamers dreaming of being Wildlife Photographers as well!

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