The secret to increase concentration? Add the coffee chocolate


Are you a student in full pre-exam crisis? This study shows that coffee and chocolate may help increase attention and concentration, reducing the anxiety-inducing effect of caffeine. Get Them Now!

Imagine having to study all night for an exam, because as usual you’ve reduced last minute. The first thing I usually do is to prepare a coffee maker from 8 people to deal with the study night. Right, but that risks to introduce you with exam anxiety doubled. Fortunately, research has shown that chocolate can reduce the anxiety-producing effects of coffee and instead increase the benefits on the concentration.

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The study was conducted by researcher Ali Boolani of Clarkson University together with a team of researchers from the University of Georgia. For a year, some volunteers have taken chocolate, chocolate with coffee, cocoa and caffeine without caffeine or a placebo without cocoa and answered some questions that were aimed to assess their mood and their ability to concentrate. The result has shown that chocolate increases the blood flow in brain areas, which better absorb the caffeine. It also reduces the anxiety-inducing effect of coffee. Perfect!

“It was an amusing study – explained Boolani – which showed that cocoa improves blood flow in brain regions, thus increasing concentration and focus. The caffeine alone can cause anxiety, adding cocoa however these effects are reduced. Here, then, a good reason to drink mocha coffee!”.

The research was sponsored by Hershey’s, the biggest US company in chocolate production, which could bring to market of their products made of two ingredients widely acclaimed. And then we have the perfect excuse to bercĂ© mocaccino, cafe mocha and all the variants that combine cocoa and chocolate coffee. To increase the productivity of our working days we just a sweet little break and we will be more concentrated than before, says science.

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