How to find a compromise with the stress before the exam


Experienced in all: both children and parents. And it is quite normal. There is not a magical process, which would help students and their moms and dads to fully relax and forget about the excitement. Psychologists say that even healthy experiences are beneficial. The body accumulates all of their resources on a specific task, and in the end everything turns out. Nevertheless, there are simple and effective ways to help if you do not forget about the upcoming big test, then at least do not turn in the last week of training in the neurotic.

Physical activity and occupational therapy

Whether the situation is familiar: a child has been doing for four hours, and their mother on tiptoe sneaks into the room with a plate of sandwiches, trying not rustle or sound does not interfere with the educational process. You would be surprised, but proper preparation for examinations does not involve cramming clock! If the student after 5-7 lessons at school and additional lessons with a tutor sit up late at night with textbooks, it runs the risk mentally and physically exhausted before the day X. The power of parents to help their child maintain a balanced lifestyle, even in the pre-examination period.

If your son or daughter has responsibilities at home, it is not necessary to release the child from them for an additional 30 minutes of training. The body needs exercise, and, in addition, physical labor helps to calm down, cope with emotions and stress to win. If this weekend you have scheduled the opening of the summer season, go with the whole family and shock bother. Textbooks can be left at home.

Proper nutrition

Doctors say that the day started with no proper breakfast – a lost day. Breakfast do not need a cup of strong coffee, at least if we are talking about a young growing organism, which is still being formed.

Keep track of what and how to eat your children. Overall health, including psychological, dependent on the amount of energy we get from food. In intensive exam preparation, nutritionists recommend eating at least four times a day, but the portions should be small, so that only satisfy hunger, but do not feel a sense of saturation. Also worth a fight, you do not eat and teach at the same time.

By useful products include: cereals, pasta, bread, potatoes, fresh fruit and vegetables (broccoli separately worth mentioning), milk, yogurt, nuts and fish. Breakfast should contain a large amount of protein and fiber. Before the actual exam is important to eat so as not to feel hungry, but do not overeat and to the state of heaviness in the stomach. We can take a banana or dried fruit to eat on the road or in the process of waiting, if the student feels hunger.

Another very important rule, which today does not say just lazy, but very few people comply with it. It is necessary to drink plenty of fresh water. Teas, juices, mineral water, soft drinks and even more – do not count! Drinking at least 1.5-2 liters of water every day, people will be able to engage in intensive and at the same time feel good about yourselves. To chocolate, which, as many know, contains the hormone of joy, it is better to not lean. A few pieces of dark chocolate can help, but a kilo of sweets – harm.

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Recreation and entertainment

In preparation for the exam must take breaks not only for food and sleep. During this difficult period, parents should be a child to support, so the initiative is somewhere to go and see a movie together or just take a stroll in the park should belong to mom and dad.

Do not touch, do not fit, do not interfere with and not to breathe – it is not the best way to help your child prepare

Sometimes it is necessary to shake the student stuck between the pages of a textbook of geometry, and to invite him to just have fun with the whole family. The simplest solution – good comedy, which can be seen even in the company is not the most useful popcorn. If a child has a favorite book, which is called the soul, it is also a great way to escape and relax. Someone helps swimming, yoga and walking outdoors, and someone (daughter and mother, of course) can give new powers shopping, going for a massage or in a nail salon. You can arrange a day of beauty at home, it’s not because of the trappings. The main thing – time to switch from topic exams to something more pleasant. Physical pleasure is very helpful to reduce the level of psychological anxiety.

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Dream real, not virtual

It’s simple to ugliness: eight hours of sleep – and the body is ready to feats! Only easier to advise than to do. Go to bed early in the way, as a rule, not textbooks, begged to read even though the page. Social networking – this is the main enemy of sleep in the XXI century.

Agree with the child, the tablet, phone and a laptop for an hour before sleep disabled, and the rule is – no exceptions. And this ritual is useful not only for graduates, but also for the younger children, who in the same way as their older brothers and sisters, solve all their problems with the help of Google. How would any student diligently preparing for the exam, the social network will attract, distract, and the time allotted for sleep – just the most vulnerable period. It seems to be bothered to shock, and can distract correspondence with friends, watching funny videos or photos. However, the brain wants to relax and not to consume uncontrolled flow of information.

Life goes on

The most common cause of anxiety before an exam – fear. The disciple is afraid that will not work, but because of the exam results almost fate depends. In fact, independent, and very nice if parents share this view and can bring it to your child.

We all want our children to be happy, successful, that they achieved the good results and always won. But we love them not for scores on the exam, prizes in competitions or prestigious profession. Human relationships are complex and important success in their studies or career. It would seem that these are obvious things, but often the child is questioned whether it is mom and dad without the achievements of tuition needed. If you are constantly repeating how important exams on 100 points, even the most confident students will be doubts and fears: “And who I want, if something did happen?”.

Keep your children adjust them to win, but explain that the result of the exam will not be reflected on your attitude towards them, and failures – this, too, the experience of which man is formed, grows and becomes stronger.

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