How to beat the exam stress in 10 Easy Ways

exam stress

Every student who aims to become an efficient person will experience the exam stress. The unavoidable part of student life, which can be very tricky to deal with. Remember that stress is there for a reason and you can choose to let your downfall or use it as guide you in improving your route.

To combat exam stress, first of all you need to understand the reasons for this growing anxiety. Then they can learn ways to reduce the pressure you feel. The researchers gave explanations about common factors why this happens …

  • Low levels of motivation
  • Lack of preparation and planning
  • Great expectations from others
  • Competition among peers

The difference between a student who allows the stress to overwhelm him, and those who use it to improve is how you react to that great mountain to deal with that study. The best students take a break, reflect and choose a path that will help them break the deadlock. Do not expect to be swept away by the wave.

Below I have listed some alternative ways to put aside negative feelings and focus on your learning goals. Probably right now you run out of inspiration. If you look for some advice before the exams, try to take note of these I propose. They are adapted according to the discoveries made by researchers.

exam stress
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10 amazing ways to beat exam stress

1. Listen to classical music

Listening to music is able to create a positive and productive environment while improving your mood and encouraging you to study more effectively and for longer. Classical music is recommended as the best type of music to increase the capacity of the brain, but also ambient music can work. Check the playlist on Spotify to find easily what is best for you.

2. Take a walk in nature also

When you are a student, you think that before the exams you should spend all his time in front of open books and pen in hand, ready for action. Yet, research has shown that exercise, such as taking a walk in nature can increase your memory and brainpower.

The image below shows the results of a study conducted by Dr. Chuck Hillman of the University of Illinois. It clearly demonstrates how the exercise has effect on the activity of your brain. Imagine how this could improve your performance examination!

3. Organize your study habits

While it may seem not so surprising, shocking is the large amount of students who underestimate the benefits of creating a personalized study plan. With some initial effort, you can become more productive and motivated by the day. And an approach to the study to help you understand your learning process. There is nothing wrong in writing and set their own daily study objectives.

4. Play with bubble wrap or with puppies

By exam stress? Try playing with the puppies. Lately, more and more universities who install the “puppy room” where students can relieve stress and anxiety. Pet Therapy anything to you? It seems that animals are able to help focus while studying. If the first alternative seem a little ‘difficult to apply, you offer them a second timeless. I’m talking of bubble wrap. You know the plastic packaging made of air-filled balls? I assure you that is another very effective relief against the exam stress.

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5. Try to get enough hours of sleep

For some people, the lack of sleep is a habit. They think that sleeping you cannot live a full life. The benefits of adequate sleep should never be underestimated. More importantly, sleep helps the brain to assimilate new information into your long term memory so they can be retrieved when needed. Anyone who has rested well and had a nice sleep can testify better concentration and success of daily tasks to perform.

6. Use Mobile Applications

There are millions of mobile apps designed to improve the quality of life. If you wish to organize yourself better, improve mental training or learning a language there is an application that helps you. I point out this list of mobile applications for iOS and Android anti-anxiety so you can use them in different situations.

7. From the space it deserves your mind

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to take a break and see what stresses you from a different perspective. Practicing meditation is another way to keep the focus on the goal. It improves mental and physical health by reducing the pre-exam stress.

8. Eat dark chocolate

Believe it, it is not I who say this but the research. True 100%. Eating dark chocolate, the good one that contains more than 70% of cocoa, counteracts the stress hormone, cortisol. It seems to have a relaxing effect on the whole body. In addition, the chocolate allows to release endorphins that act as natural contrast to stress.

9. Let go, empties the bag!

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Other times you want to shout from a mountain or yelling with all the breath in your lungs. Try to understand how you feel and then throw it out. Talk to a family member or friend what troubles you, your expectations and hopes. These are all things that allow you to responsibility and pass the exam stress. And if it makes you feel better, SHOUT!

10. Distractions when it’s time

I bet you do not even realize how many times controls Facebook, Instagram, the mobile phone or anything else that distracts you from a major commitment. True? Put together all these distractions and you’ll have an extravagant waste of time. I know it can be difficult to pull the plug on everything else to focus on the final goal. A calendar and writing your goals will facilitate the process.

Do you have other suggestions to make to combat exam stress or want to share your techniques? Write it in the comments; I will be very happy with your contribution. And if you need an extra boost, you may be of interest to study these images motivational.

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