Educate children on punctuality. Educate in values

Educate children

Educate children– Punctuality is the care and diligence in arriving at a place or departing from it at the agreed time or doing things in due time. Adults are aware of the time of day in which we live, and the clock is an important part of the day to day to organize our time.

However, teaching the value of punctuality to educate children requires their science, since the notion of time for children is different and in addition, they still do not understand the operation of clock hands.

How to get educate children to be punctual

Educate children

There are some ideas that can help parents and educators to get children to be punctual and do their homework on time.

#1- It is necessary that the child begins to value the importance of doing a certain thing in a given time. For this, it is important to dialogue with the child and makes him understand, for example, that if we do not arrive at the cinema at the agreed time, the film will have begun and we will not be able to see it.

#2- Create routines. The routine is not only good because it helps the child feel safe. In addition, it helps to create habits for educate children. Despite not knowing how to measure time, will guide them to know that after getting out of bed have to wash, then get dressed, breakfast and go to school. Little by little, they will learn that this series of small actions have to be carried out at a certain time in order to reach the school before they close it.

#3- Educate children have to know what kind of feelings triggers someone unpunctual. An important value is to teach children not to do to others what they would not like themselves. Therefore, they must understand how someone feels when they wait for a person who does not arrive.

#4- You have to teach educate children that distractions will lead them to be punctual. Doing a task requires concentration, especially in childhood, where the abstraction is greater. The child will not be able to dress well and with agility, if television is on and they are emitting their favorite drawings.

#5- People learn from experience, so even if parents maintain a constant dialogue with children to educate them in values, sometimes they have to learn from their own mistakes and experience themselves what happens if they are unpunctual.

#6- Punctuality is taught to children with the example, if the parents are usually late to the places, the children will not value the importance of arriving at a place at the agreed time.

#7- Children should know that unpunctual people are losing the credibility and respect of others. If the child does not arrive in time to play his football match day after day, they may stop counting on him for future matches.

#8 – Unpunctuality can cause great opportunities to be lost. Making the child understand what can be lost if he is systematically late to the sites will help him understand the importance of this value.

#9- The child has to learn that some unforeseen can cause someone not to arrive on time or that the task is not done in the determined time. To avoid these unforeseen events it is convenient to give a little more time to each task and not to go in a hurry and at the last minute.

#10 – The unpunctuality gives a bad image of oneself. A mutual person is seen by others as not serious or with an inability to organize their time. How others see us and that people have a good impression of us speaks well of us.

How to explain to your child why you are a single mother

Today, there are many women who decide to throw themselves into the pool and be mothers by themselves, without any partner with whom to share motherhood. This decision means that many women fear the moment in which they must explain to their son or children the reason for their decision. There are multiple ways that a woman is a single mother, she may have been divorced, she may be a widow, the son or daughter may be adopted or conceived through in vitro insemination, etc.

Motherhood is a great challenge that many women have to face every day and in the case of these women, who have decided to bring up their children alone, the biggest challenge is when the child or The girl asks the question that terrifies them the most. For this reason, we are going to give you a series of tips to face this moment and get the situation under control, because we want everything to go out of your mouth and fill you with strength to give that answer that you have been preparing for years. .


Although being a single mother is not something that should be explained, we know that young children are very inquisitive and that is why our first advice is to be honest. Do not make up the reality, or go around with detours, it is best to explain it in a relaxed way, using words that your son or daughter understands and, above all, making him see that it is nothing unusual . Another way to explain why you are a single mother is through stories or movies if your son or daughter is very small.

Our second advice is that, in order for the answer to flow in an appropriate manner, choose a comfortable place, one that gives you confidence and that gives a feeling of quality and familiarity to your little one , as one might expect, after the answer that you will give him new questions for which you must be prepared.

There is no exact age to explain all this to your son / daughter, but it is true that when he enters school, he will observe that the rest of the classmates have two dads, or two moms, or a father and a mother Therefore, it is better to address the issue before it enters the school stage. The most recommended age is 4 or 5 years, since the sooner you approach the more normalized topic, you can have it in your daily life and you will be able to face the different questions that your classmates ask you. This does not mean that later you cannot return to the topic or ask you again.

The following advice that we offer you is that, if you are a single mother because of a divorce, under no circumstances do you speak ill of your father since this can negatively affect the child in the relationship that you have with your father, in if there is one. The best thing you can do is to maintain a proper attitude where the child is not a ‘garbage can’ on which to throw all the dirty rags of the father. We must avoid falling into extremes; you do not have to idealize him or demonize him.

The positive aspect of this is that it can be a good opportunity to tell you about the multiplicity of families that exist today and that the normal thing is not to have a mom and a dad, but there are families made up of a single mom or a single dad or that, in case there are two adults, they can be of different gender or of the same. It is the best way to show you that any type of family is valid and that you do not have to treat differently a girl who has a father and a mother than a child who has only one father.

Another important part that will help you a lot is your support network, whether family, friends or neighbors, from which you can receive support and courage to face the different situations that you and your child will have to face / to.


We remind you that being a single mother is no longer a taboo subject and it is not something that makes you feel inferior, since what really matters is that you are happy , give much love to your son or daughter and, above all, educate them in values ‚Äč‚Äčthat allow you to have an open mind before everything that is presented throughout his life .

Another issue in which you do not have to be intimidated is that unfounded fear that says a mother cannot teach her son to shave, talk about his body, sex … Ignore that urban legend! A woman is equally capable of teaching her child everything she needs to know and, if there is a strong relationship of trust between mother and child, the child will see it completely normal. In addition, you can always use Google and libraries to learn more about certain topics, and even ask for help from a family member or a male acquaintance if necessary.

Therefore, if you have any questions about whether or not to be a single mother, we encourage you to do so and we assure you that your son or daughter will understand perfectly that there is no other father or another mother with you.

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