Is Your Brain Tired From Studying? 100% Workable Solutions

Is your brain tired from studying

Planning work well, taking time for yourself, and doing some physical activity help prevent mental fatigue. Many students will now be preparing exams for September and as many oppositions. An additional effort that has to be made after having completed an entire academic year and after which you can begin to notice mental fatigue. Is your brain tired from studying? Get the solutions.

It is recognized for lack of concentration, less information is retained, more mistakes are made, more tired and you have a feeling of being numb, among other possible symptoms that appear when you make a great mental effort and continued.

Is your brain tired from studying?

All these symptoms and effects of mental fatigue can be prevented and fought to be well concentrated again and make the most of the time for study. With a simple advice, you can tell the difference. The mind becomes more active. There is no fatigue, and the lack of concentration is over. Here we propose five very effective ones:

Is your brain tired from studying

Set time:

Planning well all the tasks or lessons to be studied is essential to achieve the objectives set and perform properly. But in this planning, you have to take into account that you should include some breaks throughout the day to disconnect and rest. These breaks must be established according to the needs of each one, although, as an orientation, they can be ten minutes every 90 minutes. However, it is always better to pause before you start feeling tired. In addition, it is also important to mark schedules.

Personal activities:

Throughout the day, it is essential to have time for yourself. The day cannot be full of obligations and mental work. It is necessary to enjoy or perform some activity with which you enjoy and disconnect, which can be done in groups or alone to be with yourself. This will be achieved later be more concentrated to study.

For example, it is time that you can spend doing some relaxing activity like yoga or taichi or meditation. Sometimes, simply, it is enough to transfer the mind to positive thoughts, places that we like … Lately, the mindfulness is on the rise that, although it is mainly applied to the workplace, it is also helpful for students to work body and mind and achieve a state of well-being in which there is no place for stress and greater concentration is achieved.

Physical activity is another good option. Something as simple as walking has a very beneficial effect. It is advisable to exercise one hour a day because that clears the mind, tension is released, stress is eliminated, and concentration is increased.


One of the parts that most affects mental fatigue is the visions. Therefore, it is especially important to take care of them and give them specific attention through, for example, massages in which the eyebrows must be pressed lightly with the index and thumb fingers while they are closed.


Taking care of what you eat is another key. It is useless to implement other tips if you do not monitor the food and make five meals a day. And it is essential because the brain needs the energy to function and respond to the effort to study. For example, it is good to take foods rich in vitamin C, which provides energy and eat cereals such as oatmeal, which block cortisol, which is the stress hormone.

Other recommended foods are nuts such as nuts or hazelnuts, as well as fruit. Feeding guidelines should also include green leafy vegetables, brown rice, tomatoes, blue fish such as salmon or tuna, and lean meats. Of course, hydration is another key, so you have to drink water, some natural juices or infusions, which help control stress and anxiety. And do not forget to eat without hurry.

Take rest:

Sleep well and the necessary hours is another of the main tips to follow to end mental fatigue. The usual thing is to sleep between seven or eight hours, although there are people who may need more or less time, depending on their body. You always have to have the right environment in the room so that the dream is restful and that we wake up with vitality to face the new day.

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