How to Study for Apush? AP United States History Exam preparation

How to Study for Apush

What’s up everyone? Here, we come with quick tips on how to study for apush? How do you study effectively efficiently so you could pass the exam? The first thing I tell my students before they begin a chapter is they should check out and preview the key concepts. Identify the key concepts that are going to be covered in the chapter. In case you don’t know, this can be found in the College Board framework. The key concepts are broken up. As such, you have the kind of the main key concept. It is a big theme and the big idea of a particular period. Then you have a subconcept and within that sub.

How to study for apush?

How to Study for Apush

AP US history is considered one of the hardest AP classes you can take and as there are around 500,000 incoming apush students. This year I wanted to make something that would help these incoming students and maybe take a minor level of stress off their shoulders to start. I know this class seems daunting and it seems like a lot of work. At the end of the tunnel seems so far away, but I promise you it goes by pretty quickly. You don’t have to worry about understanding hard math.

The concept is just knowing the events on the people the places and, most importantly, connecting them and connecting them. The first way is just to read your American Pageant textbook and take structured notes. It is what I did. I got a four on test B in the first semester. In the second, I know it’s dull and boring. But the textbook brings out some personality. Sometimes think of history as a grand story that led to the creation of one of the wealthiest most powerful fattest countries.

You do get to pick from two different questions to answer from you will have to rely almost on background information. You remember the test goes by pretty fast. There isn’t a lot of logical thinking it’s just for calling loads of information but try not to get stuck in that bubble now after you take the test you might be thinking there wasn’t even a question or mention of this time period and you’re right from memory. The test didn’t even have anything on Teddy Roosevelt, the Square Deal FDR or the Great Depression, but you can’t cover 400 years of information in 3 hours.

It’s to be expected I say apush isn’t hard because of the number of resources that are available to you as well as your teacher. I hope this article hasn’t scared you away have been only made you excited about learning the details of the history of your country and realizing the mistakes we’ve done in the past. So, we don’t repeat them again because that’s what history is all about right.

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