TOP 10 Best Apps to Study

Best Apps to Study

If you are looking for the best applications to study, you have come to the right place because, in this article from InfoEducation today, we bring you a complete selection of the best applications to learn in a reliable, safe way and in many cases totally free.

But remember that, although these applications to study help you in your learning process and to have good grades; You cannot forget that they are a complement to the formal curricula offered by the various formal educational institutions.

Applications to study. Booming learning strategy

For some time the ways of learning have changed and evolved with technology, especially with recent world events. Today it is a reality the possibility of studying at a distance, in a remote time, but at your own pace, which is a very efficient and assertive learning strategy.   This is possible due to the emergence and improvement of applications to study.

In this sense, multiple programmers have developed various applications to study that offer to help students from all over the world to increase their knowledge on various topics. For example; There are countless apps to learn English for free in the web world, as well as programs and tutorials where you can study other topics on different areas of knowledge.

Therefore, below we show you a top 10 of the best study applications available to you:

Google Drive. Save your files

Google Drive is one of the study applications best known by the student community, available on Android and iOS mobile devices, it only requires that you have a Gmail account.

With this free study app, you can have cloud storage availability so you can easily share documents, assignments, and other files with your classmates. In addition, with Google Drive, you can also create text documents, presentations, spreadsheets that you can use even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Fintonic. Raise the money to studyBest Apps to Study

Fintonic is one of the applications that will literally ensure the opportunity to study. With Fintonic, you can manage your bank accounts so that you can save and properly use the budget for your university studies. This is undoubtedly one of the very effective study apps as it will help you to have one of the essential requirements for carrying out your studies. Find it available for Android and iOS mobile devices

My study life. Organize your tasksBest Apps to Study

My study life is one of the best applications to study that allows its users -for free- to organize their tasks properly. Its interface offers a calendar where you can place your class schedules, homework and exam delivery dates, and study meetings, among other activities.

In my study life,  you can customize the calendar according to your personality and interests. For example, placing colors for each subject and in this way, you can visually identify them much easier.

Coursera. Best Online CoursesBest Apps to Study

Coursera is one of the study applications that offer anyone – whether or not they are an active student – to complement their studies with a variety of online courses, where their professors are part of the faculty of prestigious universities in different parts of the world.

Using this application, you can easily see the list of courses and studies that you can do. It also puts you in direct contact with your teachers and other students of the same selected courses. Download it on the Android or iOS system from your mobile device.

Duolingo. Easily learn different languagesBest Apps to Study

Duolingo is an application to study English and other languages ​​in a fun and educational way, through games and creative lessons.

With this app you can learn the language of its catalog by playing and answering answers to earn points, it is one of the most popular language-learning apps. Download it surely you will be delighted with it.

It is interesting that you install it if you are considering doing an Erasmus soon.

Genius Scan. The best image of your notesBest Apps to Study

Genius Scan is one of the applications to study very usefully when it comes to sharing the notes you have on paper or those you take directly from your teachers’ blackboards. With it, you can take photos of study documents or scan them improving their visual quality, so that they can be understood. Besides saving your notes, you can send them to other classmates.

If you are a student, this is an application that you cannot stop having on your mobile, since; It will help you remember what was said in class.

IStudiez. Get the highest gradeBest Apps to Study

When it comes to studying, the organization you have is very important. IStudiez is one of the best applications to study that will surely make you get the highest grade since it offers you to manage your tasks with a practical calendar or where you can check the activities you must do and deliver in a chronological and orderly manner. IStudiez is available for Windows and iOS.

Wunderlist. Work in a teamBest Apps to Study

If they assigned you teamwork and they don’t know how to organize; Wunderlist is one of the perfect applications to study in a group. With it, you can create lists of activities and tasks and you can share them with the rest of the group, to achieve that necessary organization so that everyone takes into account the assigned responsibility.

Best of all, you can download it completely free on your Android and iOS mobile devices.

Babbel. Learn EnglishBest Apps to Study

Babbel is considered by many to be the best app to learn English, it is designed so that you can know and expand your vocabulary. Using a pedagogical system where you can learn specific phrases and then use them. With the microphone of your mobile, you can practice the correct pronunciation. It also offers other languages ​​such as Italian, French, Swedish, Portuguese, and Turkish.

Fit Brains Trainer. Improve your mental agilityBest Apps to Study

With Fit Brains Trainer you will have the possibility to perform more than 360 memory, agility, and concentration games where you will cognitively train your brain. It is designed by expert neuropsychologists who guarantee that you will improve in your studies by performing these practical brain exercises.

You can also -with this app- keep a record of your achievements, even compare it with other people of your age group and gender. Download it on your Android and iOS systems and in its web version.

And we have concluded this article with the best applications to study. If you liked sharing it on your social networks, maybe one of your friends may be needing them.

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