Evaluating Journals for Publication

Are you looking to build your academic reputation but have no clue what journals to submit your work to? You may want to consider norms in your field, your peers and advisor’s recommendations, and how much you desire open access. Bentham Open publishes science, technology, and medical journals to provide academic researchers and professionals with the latest information on science and technology topics. Since there are numerous publishers on the internet today, it’s essential to evaluate each one to ensure you find the right one for your work.

Must Be the Right Place for Your Work

Before submitting your work to a journal, you must check if it covers a subject matter matching your work. If you are in the science, technology, and medical field, Bentham Science Open is a good place to start. The type of articles published in the journal and every article-length guideline should match what you plan to submit. Moreover, you must also check the journal’s audience to ensure that they will enjoy reading your work.

Can The Journal Be Trusted?

It is a good idea to search for a journal where you can identify the publisher. The publisher should have an affiliation with an organization you are familiar with and have contact information. The affiliations and backgrounds of the editorial board and authors publishing in that journal must also be appropriate for the journal’s subject matter.

Submit your work to a journal with peer-reviewed articles and ensure that the journal has an ISSN.

Beware Of Predatory Publishers

predatory publisher is an entity prioritizing self-interest at the expense of a scholarship. The entity uses false and misleading information which deviates from the publication practices. A predatory publisher lacks transparency and may use aggressive and indiscriminate solicitation practices. Most predatory journals are not widely available within major databases.

Visiting the website for the journal should help you in identifying whether it is legitimate. Do not rush to submit your work there if you do not recognize the previously published authors or the editorial board members. The journal should have an affiliation with a university and a scholarly organization you are familiar with. It must also appear professional and have easy-to-find contact information. If the journal has no clear information about the peer-review process or promises fast turn-around times to publish your work, you should avoid working with them. A reputable journal must allow enough time for review.

Finding a reputable journal to publish your work can be a daunting task. However, if you do your due diligence, the process will be much easier. Before you submit your work, ensure that the journal meets the criteria above.

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