4 Ways To Make Learning Fun for Preschoolers

Preschool is an amazing time for child development. Between 3 and 4 years of age, you’ll likely notice those infamous “why” questions start to appear. Most preschoolers will enjoy dressing themselves and making their own decisions. They will also start to make friends, develop social connections and challenge boundaries. At this stage, the world is new and learning opportunities are everywhere.

Parents and teachers should take advantage of the many teachable moments that occur throughout a preschooler’s day. Although most kids are naturally curious, each child has different interests and attention spans. When a parent or teacher is too rigid, he or she can fail to engage even the most inquisitive young minds. But with the right children’s learning materials and the following tips, parents and teachers alike can create an environment where kids enjoy learning.

1. Incorporate Music.

Music is an effective resource for learning and development and there are a variety of educational songs available online. Some teach kids about cleaning up, others talk about the planets and some help children learn their ABCs.

2. Get Up and Move.

Since kids need to move regularly, caretakers shouldn’t expect them to sit still for long periods of time. Several times throughout the day, adults should encourage a child to jump, stretch or walk around the room.

3. Plan a Wide Variety of Activities.

Every child learns differently. Planning a wide variety of activities, both solo and with others, can help keep things interesting.

4. Use Technology.

Technology, when used in moderation and with adult supervision, can be a great way to teach children new ideas. Sometimes, technology takes the form of a game, so kids can learn while playing. Other apps use virtual reality to transport kids to other places or time periods.

Preschoolers are eager to learn and teaching opportunities are everywhere. With some flexibility, creativity and patience, caretakers can ensure each child has a bright start in education.

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