3 Things You Did Not Know About Social Work Practice

Did you know that social work careers are fast-growing in America? The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) refers to this career as a “helping profession.” As a social worker, you get to relieve people of their sufferings, improve their well-being, and fight for social justice.

Moreover, you can focus on enhancing the lives of vulnerable, poverty-stricken, and oppressed Americans. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there were 708,100 social work job openings. Due to this demand, the job outlook is set to grow at 9%, which is faster than the average market.

If you have chosen this career, then you are a selfless person striving to make America a better place. That is why you should be aware of things happening in the social work industry.

#1. Educational Possibilities

A social work degree can open up unique possibilities. For example, an online master of social work degree can get you a median salary range of USD 57,000. Ideally, online master’s programs stretch a length of 3 years, offering 60 credit hours and 900 field hours.

According to Keuka College, with an online social work degree, you can address the growing need for mental health services. Of course, social work careers offer a vast range of benefits when it comes to professional development and education.

You can enroll in online, offline, undergraduate, diploma, certificate, and master’s programs for social work. Some advanced master’s of social work programs can also help you achieve your goals. These advanced degrees are for those who have done graduation in a different field and want to change their career.

#2. Technological Standards

According to NASW, the use of technology is growing among social workers. Over the last few years, it has transformed how social workers practice their services. Moreover, it has expanded the industry’s abilities to assist people in every corner of the country.

As a social worker, you can utilize technology to provide help through telephonic or online counseling and videoconferencing. The presence of websites has helped the community reach out to social workers without hesitation. Similarly, you can use encrypted electronic records and cloud services creatively to address social justice issues, administer organizations, and more.

Mobile applications, electronic social networks, automated tutorials, text messages, and emails have transformed service delivery. As a result, there are new ways of interaction between people in need and social workers. With technological advancements, you can easily manage, gather, and access data about people in need.

#3. Work From Anywhere

You do not have any geographic limitations as a social worker. Ideally, you can work in various employment settings. Examples include schools, prisons, government agencies, hospitals, and private practices. You can also become a consultant or freelancer in the social work industry.

You ensure to make a real difference by being able to work from any setting. Moreover, you can work as a part-timer or full-timer in this rewarding career.

Did you know that you can work overseas with a social work degree? There are various opportunities in developing countries where you can help unprivileged individuals live better lives. These countries or locations have a great need for social workers because there is little support from their governments.

4 Tips for Launching a Career in Social Work

Did you know you do not have to be a “people person” to succeed in this career? But you need to be an empath to connect with and relate to the people. You should set boundaries and perform self-care regularly.

Of course, good communication skills are a must for a social worker. Before you move forward with a master’s in social work degree, look at these tips:

  1. You cannot change the world in a few days, but you can change someone’s life
  2. Do not feel sad when you cannot fix everything or help everyone
  3. You need to recognize privileges and biases and be empathetic
  4. Be prepared to meet emotional circumstances that are beyond imagination

The social work field is expansive, and you have endless career opportunities. For example, you can be a counselor, analyst, researcher, and more. You are ready for a thriving social work career if you follow these tips.

The Bottom Line

As stated by the NASW, social work is unlike any other profession as it focuses on making a person’s life and environment better. Have you always loved selflessly helping people without expecting anything in return?

In that case, getting a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in social work will allow you to officially carry out your passion. For example, you can work in child welfare, schools, homeless shelters, healthcare institutions, and human service agencies.

However, before getting your degree, you must be well-versed in the changes happening in this industry. Examples include endless educational possibilities, technological advancements, and flexible work. Ensure to follow the tips shared to advance in your social work career.

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