Virtual educations can double your future salary…. In more ways than you think

Virtual educations

You’d think the world would like to work in companies like googleamazon or facebook, and would be right, these companies are leaders in innovation, are reshaping the world, our relationships, the way we interact, how we communicate; besides their work environments “rebels” perfectly designed to encourage the flow of ideas seduce anyone.

Surprisingly for these companies, employers of dreams for many, is also being difficult to fill the vacancies they offer; reason: they need more engineers and scientists who are available.

Virtual educations
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Why this phenomenon occurs? Precisely the careers associated with scienceresearch and engineering, offering its graduates the wages higher market futures; They are the ones that have high dropout rates, their resumes are the most difficult, more time consuming dedication and require knowledge bases in mathematics and science much stronger sometimes high school graduates have no areas.

For an applicant to a degree of engineering that does not have basic mastery of academic skills required, the challenge is overwhelming and end up looking graduating less demanding programs, is constant flow of students who drop out of engineering to aspire to titles humanities or social.

However to make this decision each student is probably giving up half the income throughout their lives, something that in today’s values may amount to a million dollars !!

In his latest book , Malcolm Gladwell (David and Goliath) perfectly describes a second phenomenon that takes students from the best universities in the world to leave their programs in science and engineering: even if they have been the number one in their high schools, the reach environments as competitive as universities Ivy League in the US invades a feeling of frustration study are used to excel in their classrooms individuals, from one moment to another are immersed in classrooms with individuals more advantaged the world, this redefinition of standards leads many of them migrate to less demanding programs, sacrificing again thousands of dollars in future revenue paid to engineering graduates from top schools, although Gladwell makes their study in universities in the United States, the same situation is evident in Latin America, in his book -Gladwell- concludes that it is sometimes a financially wise decision to opt for a degree in engineering a more discreet University, for example, a degree in humanities the best university, here we will contemplate an alternative course of action.

A few days ago I was watching some video testimonials of users Khan Academy, (the initiative started by Salma Khan A user where using innovative methods such as integrated knowledge maps video you can learn from differential equations to Roman history. platform commented as during their school life was always a student behind in subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry, so at graduation, after developing a strong aversion to any numerical subject, he chose to study music, for years he taught winning modest income, one day out of curiosity came up with Khan Academy and decided to make the “tracks” of mathematics and applied to one of the most prestigious engineering schools where he was accepted, and after four years managed to graduate as one of the best in its class, now he works as a mechanical engineer earning figures as a musician could ever have earned.

Also are hundreds of examples of students who are the worst of its kind, natural candidates for desertion after finding that Khan Academy becomes the first places.

Thus the virtual content, not only serves to improve your grades or enter the University, can also be the key to winning a million dollars more than you would expect if you simply choose to abandon a program to be demanding … think about it !! .

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