What are your learning style makes it easier?

learning style

People learn in different ways. Identify and understand your learning style can help you expand your educational experience, finding ways to make learning more efficient. There are 4 learning styles:

  1. Visual
  2. Hearing
  3. Read / Write: There are some who prefer to call writing / reading and writing them who manage to memorize things
  4. Kinesthetic

Understand your learning style can help in many ways:

  1. It helps to immediately recognize the information you receive and saves you time trying to absorb
  2. You can find out what are the best and most efficient ways to study
  3. Understand what kind of tests are you going to provide and which can be more difficult

learning style
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Visual Apprentice: They tend to speak fast and interrupting conversations. They quickly learn watching a diagram or a table summarizing information. They need time and space specially designed to study. When you visualize concepts or processes try to remember it is very common to do so through images. They take very detailed notes. They like to sit in the front of the classroom.


  • It is very useful to draw or underline the relevant information they need to remember
  • Copy everything on the board
  • Use phrases or abstract ideas in the form of diagrams
  • Take notes and short lists summarizing the steps
  • Using color codes, forms and conventions to highlight information when taking notes

The type of evaluation that will accommodate this type of learning are diagrams, maps reading, essays or anything that requires or contains a process. Tests that are not so easy are in that place to listen and respond

Hearing Apprentice: Tends to explain things despaciosa way and likes to explain in great detail. They are people who listen naturally tend to repeat things quietly and are linear thinkers are people who read slowly and prefer to listen to things instead of reading them.


  • Use word associations to remember facts and texts
  • Record the readings and watch videos
  • Repeat the things you want to learn with eyes closed
  • Participate in group discussions
  • Record notes after writing them

The types of evaluation that will accommodate this type of learning are written responses readings have heard or oral examinations. Those who are not easy are those long reading tests and have an estimated time for each section

Kinesthetic Apprentice:  They are usually people who speak more slowly, learn by doing and solving problems applicable, like using hands to explain things, cannot sit in one place for long as they get restless. Often they take short breaks while studying and have scattered attention.


  • Have short periods of study
  • Take classes that are practical
  • Make field trips
  • It’s better when studying with others
  • Use memory games and cards image retention to learning you things more easily

The best types of evaluations are those that are short definitions, fill the gaps or multiple answers fields, are not easy exams as long trials.

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