7 Tricks to read more often and better understand

Read more often

“Reading is to the mind, so a trip to the body”

And if you’ve never had this feeling, you have not found the perfect book. But there, I promise.

There are books that take away hunger and sleep, and only live for and to continue reading another word, because your mind lives only thinking about the story he is living.

So for those who you’ve not found, or you found it but want a little more … Here I leave 7 Tricks to recover the good habit of reading.

Read more often
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  1. Find a topic you love

It is paramount that the reading hit you in the head, and stay hooked to your book, it is a topic that appeals to you or you feel like, for some particular reason or a personal situation, read a particular book.

There are times when you want to read about murders, about love others, others on the functioning of the nervous system…

  1. Place the book in question, somewhere where you like to spend time

To me, for example, I like to read in bed, so whenever I have a couple of books on the nightstand, for if I want to reach out and take a look.

  1. Set goals in your reading

Once you have thought about the book you want to read and you are settled in the place where you like to read, you should set a maximum time that read your book.

If the subject interests you and reading is good, sure you will end much sooner than expected.

  1. Become a fan of electronic reading

In any tablet or iPad you have a large selection of books, very different themes, read from the couch at home, without moving, and at a much cheaper price.

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  1. Come to the library of your city or town and take off your membership card

If you are interested in other topics that you cannot find your tablet, because they are more specific, or older or private level, I suggest you approach the library, there are safe in your town or city and become a member. You can find real relics.

  1. Create your own ‘book club’

Meet a few friends or acquaintances, once every two weeks, according put you in a book and on the day of Hangout, you expose your feelings, what you think of and say that you deserve. You will draw details, sure you alone, would never achieved.

  1. Make reading a personal refuge

You have to see the time of reading, as a time when your mind and body, leaving the world and focus only on reading. In live the book and feel.

If you read a nonfiction book: Take notes, highlights, words-squares … Whatever is necessary to understand 100% what you are reading. Even long term, looking at different books, a topic that has impacted you or you would like complete knowledge.

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