Learning to study alone

Study alone

“I have to study,” “I have to study,” “I have no desire to study.” Who has not said over and over again these words? Who, before a pile of notes, is not over falling apart at the inability to concentrate for at least one hour?

In addition, today, with the large number of external stimuli that have, especially with phones, social networks and applications, it is almost impossible to sit for a while to focus on a few scribbled papers.

A good initiative, if you already impossible to be minimally productive, is to opt for a private lessons that help you focus your attention and your memory.

Study alone
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However, we shall all be able to study alone, to be productive by our own will, because anything we set to lead a time of reflection and execution. In short: we have to be able to concentrate and carry out a task, whether to study or write a paper of twenty pages. In response, we give you a few tips for you to get:

Learning to study alone

Order, organization and positive attitude

Order your study area; remove everything you do not need the table for ordering your environment get your head ordered. Organize your room so you have at hand everything you need, and of course we get rid of what does not!

And no, the mobile do not need in any case, as only get entertained again with him. In addition, and this is very important, I am positive; this process ensures that motivates you, because only then get to get to the next phase successfully.

Routine and daily planning

Once your environment is organized, it is time you make a habit of this task. For this you must set a daily schedule and stick to it, and to establish goals and make a daily planning note as you go by depending on the time you have to test.

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Read the text and work

When face that stack of papers, ideally memorize not start right away, but you work the text. Take paper and pencil (because also help you keep your hands busy and not walk with his head in the clouds) and starts reading the text quietly, to get acquainted with him and take some notes to take the first ideas clear.

Make your own notes and memorizes

Once the text worked, it is time that the task of studying makes sense. That is, it is time to memorize and prepare for the exam. To do this you can make your own notes or working on own schemes.

Go over

If you have mastered the previous phase, this will not cost you work. For once worked memorized the text and it will not be very difficult to go over facing establish the knowledge and take the exam well prepared.

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