Tools to decide on a career

decide on a career

While some students have very clear what they will study, others have doubts about what to do with your future student. If this is your case, do not worry because today there are several tools that allow us to know better what your interests or your motivations to decide on a college career.

Choosing college career with these tools

Young people have different tools to find out what kind of studies fit more considering his personality, your tastes, your strengths and your motivations. Career tools to choose from are…

decide on a career
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– Test Vocational guidance help to reflect on professional preferences and intentions for the future and where they would be in a few years: types of work, business and others. They consist of a series of questions about tastes, interests, abilities, attitudes and professional preferences.

There are several online test available to students who wish to clarify their professional future and provide clarity and to the choice of a university degree, a decision that is very important.

– Test University interests. This test consists of pairs of statements, among which you have to select one. From this decision, a result is provided to guide those who perform.

– The Grand Tour. It is a tool aimed at young people from 16 years helps them to choose studies or occupation from a knowledge of his personality. What this tool is to identify tastes, preferences and interests from the personal characteristics of each. To do this , there are several groups of issues which are divided into these sections: what you like, what you like to do, what to know to do, what you value and how you work. The answers generate results that can guide us.

To perform the test, you need to register with an email address. In addition to groups of issues presented, there are also sections to assess activities and occupations on a scale of “I like” to “I do not like”.

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– Orient adores professionals. We can help in the decision – making process when choosing a college. To do this we insist on seeing the tastes and interests personalities of each, in addition to professional careers and current accounts with more outputs reality.

In addition to using these tools to choose college career, it is important that you question yourself where you would like to be in the future and you know well to know what kind of work can fit. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important to have a realistic idea of what profession is the more comfortable you feel. Similarly, it is important to consider what careers have better job opportunities, especially in this time of economic crisis, which have, higher education is not enough to have a decent work, on many occasions. Of course, should the race to like you study, so there are several factors, which help you to choose the best option?

What do you think these tools to guide you when choosing a college degree?

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