7 tips to protect your sight before the PC, tablet or smartphone

Protect eye sight

We have talked in the past about the effects of the light emitted by electronic devices on your rhythm off and how light of tablets and smartphones interfere with your sleep. We also know that tired eyes and that can be very harmful but you know increases macular degeneration, damaging the retina? We give you 7 tips to avoid it.

Protect eye sight
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Maintaining proper flicker frequency is very important, especially when we do intellectual work requiring more effort and concentration: on these occasions, the flicker can descend 20 (normal) per minute to 5 blinks per minute


Recently, in addition to market protective products, which serve as a barrier to tablets, smartphones and other screens and prevent degeneration and retinal damage and the harmful effects of light blue on your break. The price is very affordable and worth it if you are spending a lot of time in front of a screen or you lengthen your study days (or work) beyond the sunset.


Your view should cascade. Ideally, every 25 minutes is best tapes you eyes with both hands and look into the darkness.

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Sets the brightness of the screens you the minimum possible and comfortable: that is, not too much. Heightens contrast to counter it. It should not cause reading difficulties, of course; Nor should dazzle. You can change the lighting changes according to your current needs. If you are studying any discipline related to graphic arts, architecture, design or even art history, this may incur a problem.


The screen brightness should be commensurate to light: the right amount of natural light is a challenge. It should be sufficient but not too much: too much causes reflexes and eye to force the tablet or mobile (as in the days of sun, walking as you type in the WhatsApp … MAL), and very little light makes you dazzle calqued things (it’s a bad habit to watch television in the dark, the cinema projector is slightly different, and influences its size, in this case)


Keep the devices about 40 cm away, at least as long as you possible


The eBook type matte screens, which you also find in some (few) netbook models are ideal for reading books, working with text, etc. However, the glossy screens are perfect for working with graphics, play games or watch movies, but cause trouble reading large amounts of information: get yourself an eBook or print your materials.

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