The life of the college student after three years: What to do?


As you imagine the life of the three-year post-graduate student? It is just in those moments that really begin future!

After three years of efforts and commitments, of back and forth to the university, cohabitation fantastic or not, that’s the moment you’ve all been waiting has arrived: we have a degree! The festivities are a must and certainly do not need advice on how to make them unforgettable but the party is over and unfortunately you have to go back down to earth. What happens after three years? The offsite return home by the parents after at least three years of solitary life. The parents are in seventh heaven, student a bit less. Of course, eventually you start to eat something good, but let’s examine the other options that a recent graduate has …

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1. Master

And ‘the choice that makes the most people. Of being part of this group are convinced half and throw themselves headlong into another two years of university study (but also of parties and friends) while others enroll persuaded by those who day and night repeated: “Do not you lodge mica here right? Do you know that with a three-year non going anywhere, only the master opens the door to the world of work” and so on. It can make it more interesting this new phase continuing university studies abroad, where the master is called Master Degree; indeed abroad, what we call the Master does not exist!

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2. The first-level master

None exist many, but there are. The master is not only accessible to those who have just completed a specialist but also for those who want a more professional training after three years. As said above, this is an existing reality only in Italy; in foreign countries, there are university courses a year, or even less, but they are not comparable to this title. There are two types of master: those organized by universities and those organized by private entities. Both have their pros and cons; if they are organized by private entities it is likely that the job is already yours, but do not release a title recognized by the state. They are expendable only in the company that organized them. The university master instead is recognized but not always guarantees quick access to the world of work, as we would like. Before choosing a master now, be smart and be informed by students of past years.

3. Sabbatical Year

A well-deserved year off is the dream of all, but what to do in that year? Internship, job search, travel? The ports are all open. Many choose to take the first plane to London and seek employment in one of the 500 Starbucks that offers capital. And many succeed, but in the more distant future, this choice is not evaluated positively by the employer. The voluntary option, however, will make you a more interesting person during a job interview, and, although not relevant to your course of study, definitely will develop useful skills, tomorrow. An internship abroad ultimately would be the best choice but it is not easy to find.

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