Human Trafficking


Human Trafficking refers to the illegal transport or transfer of people by use of threat, deception, coercion or abduction, with the intention of exploiting the victim for forced labour, sexual exploitation, removal of organs, etc.

As you can see, the above definition of Human Trafficking has three clear aspects to it; first, the illegal movement, transportation or transfer of individuals. Second, this movement is by the use of coercion, threat of force, abuse of power or deception that the outcome will be beneficial to the victim, which tantamount to fraud. Third, is the subsequent exploitation of the victim of trafficking to force them into labour, prostitution and/or for theft of their bodily organs.

Writing a paper on the advent and evils of Human Trafficking will inexorably cover the innumerable facets of this great social evil, but a Perfect Example for a Human Trafficking paper must cover are the three definitive points which explain the very nature of the heinous crime of Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking has, over the years, become a global threat, affecting nearly 21 Million people worldwide. Governments of countries all around the world have recognized the extent of this problem and have criminalized this phenomenon. Of the estimated 21 million people who have been victims of Human Trafficking, an estimated 4.5 million of them have been trafficked for sexual exploitation.

To combat Human Trafficking several international organizations have been set up. The United States’ Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), established by the US Department of State has been the most influential step in efforts to eradicate Human Trafficking altogether, by three steps of prevention, Protection and prosecution. These steps largely entail activities to raise awareness on this front, indentify and support the victims, and the convict the offenders and punish them in the rightful manner.

Also, commendable work on the issue of Human Trafficking has been done various Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) all around the world. Their efforts are largely directed towards protecting the vulnerable demographic of our society, profess for policy change and better enforcement of the law, and even in rehabilitating the victims of human trafficking.

Human Trafficking is truly one of the gravest dangers facing our society today. The least we can do to prevent and subsequently eradicate this great evil, is to spread awareness about it among the vulnerable population and to watch out for any possible signs of it happening around us. Indeed, it is time for us to protect ourselves and each other from this grievous hazard.



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