Enrollment at the university here is how and when to perform it

Enrollment at the university

For many high school students approaching the time of enrollment at the university here is a small guide on ways and times to perfect it.


We are now in the summer, schools are running out and who is to attend the fifth above, in addition to the upcoming final exams, it now raises the question of enrollment at the University for the following year. The operation itself is not complicated, and now we will explain the steps to follow; but first, if you still have the somewhat confused ideas, talk to various orientation services offered by the universities. Yours will be a big decision and will therefore be mandatory to choose calmly and thoughtfully; if you decide to try the test of entry to some limited number faculties, already started to think of any alternative in the event of a negative outcome of the test, not to find yourself deciding to last and maybe missed your choice.

Enrollment at the university
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Once you choose the right option for you, you had better be sure that they qualify for access to degree courses. In principle, it does not need anything more than the possession of a secondary school five-year diploma or another qualification attained abroad and deemed suitable. Valid also a four-year degree, which does not provide the integrated year: the university will eventually assess any training obligations to compensate the missing last year. Apart from that, there are not, therefore, special knowledge or pre-requisites: any school you attended, you can subscribe to any faculty without limitation.

The only obstacle may possibly be the entrance test: some courses, to access the so-called programmed, they always are, by Ministerial directive (e.g. health care areas), but each university may provide tests as they see fit, in case such massive turnout (Economics for example, are those faculties with limited number). Inform yourself to this effect on where and when to submit an application to take the test at a specific university that you wish to go to, which is programmed before the entry period (in September, or even in some cases in the previous spring), but it can vary in ways and times from one university to another.

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If you have been admitted passing the test, or if you have selected a faculty open access, is now the time of the real. Again the times and the required material varies in the different universities, and will therefore be useful to consult the specific web sites of the university or contact the counters used for the service and help students in these procedures, offered almost everywhere. Generally the period from summer (July / August) to the beginning of lezion the (usually around October, but can be up to early November), with the opportunity to enroll or to make a “bridge” even later, sometimes paying a brunette.

Also with regard to the material it will be the chosen university to give all the information: generally the documentation to be submitted consists of the registration application form, to download or withdraw in answering machines, and self-certification forms for the economic condition (the famous model ISEE), which will allow you to determine the amount of fees payable in relation to your economic situation (critical to get precisely the reduction of tuition fees). There will also be a number of payments to be done in advance: the first installment for the first half and a possible surcharge for registration, whose bulletins (or MAV) will be presented with the two questions above. All of these documents, and any additional paperwork required of individual universities, shall be submitted to the specific office for registration within the time provided by the university itself.


Once the application includes all the documentation on time, the office should release you a booklet or ID card from now you will be officially therefore the university. The actual enrollment and its only occurs in the first year: Regarding the next, always just pay the required fees (typically two installments per year); non-payment will result in the fact of entries block the calls during the examination session. Inquire thus also on the timing of payment of these academic contributions (usually fall around October and from March to April): any delays can be welded, but with the addition of a blackberry. Some faculties also provide some pre-set exams to pass for access to the following years; generally still just essentially pay to stay enrolled, even when you eventually go out of course (some universities, however, apply an additional surcharge for the extra years): in short, do not miss the inscription if you were to put a little ‘more than they should.

These are all general rules governing university enrollment, then declined by each university according to its own rules and regulations. The final advice is do not wait to inquire, especially on the timing, and start doing it already during the last year of high school, especially in the case of orientation to addresses which provide for a test, which of course will have different entry times and earliest: if you will not find yourself with kilo-metric queues at counters and surcharges payable, will therefore be timely move.

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