5 Keys to open the doors of your success


Do not make your work days pass on standby to take days off …

We spend days, months, and years, to figure out what we want to do in our lives. We grow in the belief that one must always prove more large of what our age would want, they always ask us to project ourselves into the world of the great like we had the tools to understand what it is. They ask us to 13 years – when we have not had direct experience of the power of vitamin F in our lives (setting to the male, but otherwise seemed less poetic) – when they require us to choose who we will be great, between a school and a technical or vocational school. Then (even) 20 years we are again faced with another decisive step.

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There are five elements that will decide, so inescapable, the fate of our success …


Be guided by the sacred fire that burns inside you, that does not even off in the worst storms. Cultivation and the way out, to burn everything rotten that the company chooses for us, and requires us to pursue. If you are not able to identify it … “Passion” is what you would do for free too.


There is no favorable wind for the sailor who does not know which port to dock. But still is a milestone success (success, other definition from one million euros). Fishiness one and always keep that in mind.


To go against the current, to follow what you feel and what you feel you are done (do not use in case of domicile in Amsterdam). To “lose” the opportunities that sparkle in the eyes of others and pursue that which shines you. Courageous is not who is not afraid, that is irresponsible. Brave is who confronts and makes decisions.

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There’s only one way to achieve the objective and is often unable to study. Graduate NOT use if you do not know how cartilage. Sometimes the path is academic unidirectional, other times it’s made of volunteer work, associations, hobbies and chores satellite. Try to understand as soon as possible to make the professor is best to do the assistant for 10 years or become an expert in a company that then goes into the classroom to teach courses.

5. REASONS, that beyond any logical expectation

Nothing goes on if you’re not motivated, at least “… not with you.” Motivation decides 90% of our performance, is the one that leads us to make a difference, what not all our other colleagues would do. Before the external environment, you have to look inside yourself. How to do? Go back to Step 1 and you will be automatic.

The success is one of the most abused words and speculate in the history of capitalism. They strongly believe that the ultimate goal in life is “to succeed.” They were made to identify this happened in people full of money spaciousness for rich, renowned for spaciousness full of examples. Rich is who enjoys what he has, whether material or not. An example is a person to be admired … because it has something to teach, not because he has something. We have confused the ambition to “be successful” with “to succeed.” We have to be aware of ourselves, to know what to do, to reach our goal. We will end up having, inevitably, what gratifies us.

Do not make your work days pass on standby to take days off …

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