8 Tips To Fit University


1. Began studying

And the most difficult time, that of idleness passage to the study. But like all things in life it is a matter of habit …. Every passing day you will be more and more accustomed to the study efforts.

2. Remove far the cell phone

The mobile is, at least for me, the biggest source of distraction. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram … any excuse to lose valuable time. And you know, you start looking Notifications … then we move on social least half an hour. Our advice? Mode use in aircraft, mobile phones away from the view. Lay it in another room.

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3. Make a study program

Who can make a feasible program of study is already a hundred steps ahead of the rest. Beware though, the program must be serious and feasible … not resolve to give 5 bricks to the next session because it is impossible. In general we believe that a maximum of three subjects per session, a difficult and two lighter, is the right weight of study

4. Before the heavy materials

If you’re planning to support difficult exams … well, our advice is to try them at the first call. Because? Simple, because if it goes wrong you can try again immediately without waiting the months that separate you from the next session. And save time.

5. Studies alone …

I never believed, to be honest, to study groups. In fact I found them more distracting than actual aid. Studying alone is a sign of concentration. And it is better to study one hour to three hours concentrated distracted.

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6 … But compared with others!

Study alone OK, but stay informed with others is essential. Compare your training with your colleagues to see if you are really ready to take the exam. Or ask advice on things that you did not understand. They are very precious things during his university career.

7. Accumulates information on the committee

and ‘fundamental. First of all it should gather at least 50-70 FAQs examination and try to be able to answer them all. Then also ask how to make the Committee: for example it is useful to know if you rely more on the book or on the topics covered in class. Now do this with Facebook groups is really easy as well as being extremely useful.

8. Complete the program at least 10 days before

the program Finish the day before the examination may not be a good idea. The revision is fundamental as much as (perhaps more) than the first time. Spend a little time just to revision. If you do your success is assured.

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