What is the right age to graduate?


It has long known the problem of out of course (you can read our study on this issue here). Not everyone can, therefore, to conclude their studies on schedule. The causes, however, are not always due to lack of commitment: very often the students indeed perform concurrent employment to studies (to, for example, pay taxes and rent) or sometimes you encounter teachers that make it impossible to pass a exam (famous case of the student who was rejected 14 times last exam).

So today, we want to clarify the answer to a question that students are placed for some time: what is the right age to graduate?

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To do that we can analyze the average age of students at graduation data. As for first three-year degrees, according to the latest report on the status of university students, the average age to graduate (so that we can consider ‘right’) is 25 years. Whereas entering university at age 19, the three-year should theoretically be concluded at 22: the fact that the average indicates 25 suggests that while on the one hand there are those who concluded his course in time trials on the other c it is also those who accumulates more than considerable delays.

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It does not go much better for single-cycle degree courses, i.e. those that do not distinguish between the three-year and specialist (this is the case, for example, Law, Medicine, Architecture, some of Pharmacy and Engineering courses). Here the average age to graduate is 27 years.

Finally, data for degree courses (specialist cd) following the three-year: here the average age is almost 28 years old. Very often the two-year degree program is concluded in time by students (much more so than for the triennial): however, the existing backlog for achieving the first degree can not fail to feel its effects, for evident and obvious reasons, on the achievement of the second.

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