How To Prepare For Examinations? The Guide For Each Student

Prepare For Examinations

Preparing examinations can be a trauma! Many of you, especially novices, will be putting the classic question: “How do I pass the exams?” The winter session is often comparable to a real war field. In addition to exams, appeals organized according to the law, you also pause the TV series. We are therefore forced to study, despite the fact that physics has repeatedly demonstrated the impossibility of memorizing the month and month program in a few weeks.

But do not be discouraged! We can do it all. Let’s figure out how to do it to survive the winter session, going by order …

Step 1: Eliminate Any Source Of Distractions

Via cell phones, via TV, especially internet (unless you are indispensable to study). It may happen that you hear the sound of a message on WhatsApp, do not mind, are just rumors in your brain; you are not crazy you are just under examination. Everything is OK.

Step 2: Make Order

The order is crucial, OK to have the marmots that hold the chocolate under the bed, OK to play football with the dust cracks on the floor, but at least between the study materials must be order. Einstein’s disordered desk stuff is likely to be broken, and if he had told him we were not Einstein! A good method would be to imagine Angela Merkel behind you with a cobwebs rifle, ready to fire if you do not respect the order standards (if you imagine the naked one will do even more effect).

Prepare For Examinations
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Step 3: Store

Exactly, you have to find your own study method, store in your mind an undesired amount of dates, formulas, names and worst cases of civil code articles. Your brain must become a kind of Amazon shed. How to do? A good method might be what I call “Despair at the First Stage”:

Add your personal notes to the book that can help you understand a paragraph; use post-it may be helpful.

Highlight the key concepts; if you have the chance to use different colors, it has been of great help to me.

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Forget the important concepts on ugly sheets several times (I mentioned the important concepts, not a paragraph every 20).

When you feel confident, you can start writing the same concepts on other sheets but this time without having the book side by side.

Now check back what you wrote. Correct the errors with a red pen and add what you missed and / or forgot.

This method will save you a lot of time, but it’s not over.

Step 4: Repeat … Repeat … Repeat

Repeat is the key to success or mental infirmity; it depends a lot on how much patience you have. All in all, however, whoever repeats well, without omitting anything, has 80% more chance of taking a good vote (yes, the percentage I shot at him). Attention to Footnotes, Poetry Professors adore them, asking them to trouble them is their favorite sport.

Step 5: Finding Inner Peace

You could know everything, every topic, paragraph, and post, but if you are not sure, you will not go anywhere. I saw professors arguing because they were scolding the anxiety and insecurity of the examiner. They are capable of everything, have an indefinite contract with the lord of hell, never forget it.

Every day I get dozens of messages from anxious students for exams, worried and terrified. My advice that I feel is always the same you try to relax: take a walk outdoors; stay in the middle of nature will help you find concentration again.

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