Weekly Classes in Your Community

Whether you have a court order mandating that you take an anger management class or are interested in the program for educational and enrichment purposes, this course is geared towards personal enrichment and aims to improve coping and communication skills. There are many common misconceptions about anger management classes, in terms of what to expect. Whether you attend a class at an established facility in your area or sign up for an online course, try to refrain from thinking of anger management courses as being disciplinary or punitive in nature.

Weekly Classes in Your Community

Licensed counselors typically teach anger management classes on a weekly basis. These classes are typically taught in a small group format, as to encourage live simulations and give attendees a chance to practice their newly-attained skills in a safe and guided environment. Sessions typically last an hour or two and focus on both written, oral and interactive learning for maximum retention.

One-On-One Sessions

For more privacy and for those who gain more from one-on-one interaction, a private session with a licensed and approved counselor may be the better choice. A one-on-one session typically maintains the same kind of progressive program, focusing on both written and oral work. Since it is a focused session, you may be able to delve more deeply into the cognitive reasons behind your anger and develop more targeted coping strategies that relate more closely to your individual needs.

Online Anger Management Classes

If you have time restraints or desire a more private setting, an online anger management class may be the ideal solution. Many online classes are set up with a live virtual classroom and provide the same type of content as weekly group meetings and one-on-one counseling. The benefit of attending an online course is that you can progress through the curriculum at your own pace, and you can typically access the portal any time. American Integrity Courses is just one example of an online-only curriculum. You walk through the sign-up and program step-by-step online, and they have a complete and comprehensive curriculum that is accepted and approved by most courts of law.

Anger management classes are highly beneficial and very informative. Many who have attended have even referred to the course as life changing. If you go into the course with an open mind and willingness to learn new behaviors and strategies, you will dramatically improve your interpersonal relationships.

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