Vocational guidance: forecast for the next 10 years

Vocational guidance

Vocational guidance- Over the choice of the future profession, many think about in school years. Everyone is trying to determine an interesting occupation for themselves, which will bring both pleasure and a stable income. But it is not always possible to make the correct forecast, but after graduation, it turns out that the occupation, which was chosen and seemed more than promising, is now not in demand. In fact, guessing the growing popularity of a particular field of activity is an ungrateful job, as many unpredictable factors influence it. However, something to consider is still possible. So, we suggest that you consider which professions are the most promising in the world for the next 10 years.

Vocational guidance: DoctorsVocational guidance

The field of medicine is currently undergoing a significant shortage of talented doctors, and in 10 years the situation will not change significantly. The young specialists in demand in this area are increasingly finding work in commercial establishments, where their labor is rewarded in a worthy manner. The need for the personnel of the medical sphere is most clearly observed in budgetary organizations, where talented doctors who have gone on a well-deserved rest are replaced by new and not very talented personnel. Read more: Enroll in Cosmetology School and Begin a New Career

In the coming years, specialists of a certain profile will be in demand:

  • allergists;
  • immunologists;
  • endocrinologists;
  • ophthalmologists;
  • nutritionists;

And the most highly paid and remain, anesthetists, surgeons, and dentists.

Vocational guidance: MarketersVocational guidance

Continues the top profession of a marketer. Moreover, competent analysts are needed today, and given that the market for goods and services is expected to be saturated in a few years, the relevance of this kind of occupation will not be lost in the future. This work requires dynamic people who will be able to make a forecast concerning the preferences of the consumer. Collect information and analyze it – this kind of training requires an analytical mindset, creativity, and ingenuity. Read more: Effective methods of study – How to study well at the university

Features of this profession will be as follows:

  • such a post requires energetic, active and active people;
  • work is considered creative, so you will not have to miss;
  • at first, it is not necessary to count on big earnings, but if there is a certain experience, the pay is quite decent.

Vocational guidance: IT sphereVocational guidance

Computerization is growing rapidly and does not think to stop, therefore IT specialists will be in great demand in 10 years. Programming languages require certain knowledge, skills, and mathematical abilities. Demand for literate cadres is already quite large today and, as statistics show, it is twice the supply. Immediately after graduation, companies offer high starting salaries, the growth of which does not stop thereafter.

Are relevant areas such as:

  • development of mobile applications;
  • specialists in technical support;
  • system administration;
  • engineers and web programmers;
  • database administrator.

Vocational guidance: Interpreters

Almost all large and small companies and enterprises in recruiting staff place a mandatory requirement – knowledge of a foreign language. And spoken English is the default. In the work more often we have to deal with technical texts, which only a person who knows a foreign language at a sufficiently high level can translate. For this reason, wanting to become an interpreter, one should additionally master a certain direction, for example, legal, technical, etc. In addition, in 10 years, not only connoisseurs of the English language but also others, particularly the eastern ones, will be snapped up.

What are the characteristics of this profession? They are as follows:

  • prospect – you have the opportunity to learn a lot about other countries and people;
  • be prepared for the fact that when you enter such a specialty you will need a high passing score;
  • the amount of salary can vary from insignificant to quite solid amounts.

Vocational guidance: EcologistsVocational guidance

This profession is gaining quite a lot of popularity, and after 10 years with the growth of population and the development of industrial enterprises, its relevance will only increase. Both developing and developed countries are trying to solve existing environmental problems. Many people think about this, talk a lot and already try to do their bit today.

Profession ecologist in the coming years will rapidly build momentum, and universities will prepare new specialists. This occupation is noble and creative, interesting, but at the same time very difficult.

What is required from environmentalists?

  • Ability to navigate in the legislative framework.
  • Education according to profile.
  • Mathematical thinking.
  • Ability to conduct laboratory research.

Vocational guidance: Educators

The situation in the pedagogical sphere is somewhat similar to the medical one. Qualified staff is very small, and the shortage of inexperienced teachers is felt quite acutely. Specialists in this field will be needed in 10 years, but at the same time, tolerance, humanity, and understanding should become additional qualities of the teacher of the future. He should not only ideally know his material, but also be a talented psychologist, in order to be able to establish contact with the younger generation. After all, the craving for knowledge largely depends on the presentation of the subject and interaction with the students.

The heads of state have only one thing: to revise the wages of educators, and the problem with the availability of literate personnel will be resolved quite quickly.

Vocational guidance: Nanotechnology

This is one of the most demanded professions of the future. Its meaning lies in the discovery of uncharted properties of the most diverse substances and in work at the atomic and molecular level. People who choose for themselves this kind of occupation can move in one of three main directions:

  • creation and manufacturing of microcircuits;
  • production of robots in nanoscale;
  • atomic engineering.

After 10 years, absolutely all the specialties of this sphere will be relevant: from the food industry to space technologies, from engineering to medicine.

Vocational guidance: WorkersVocational guidance

Professions, where you need to work mostly with your hands, complete our top. In fact, an urgent need for experienced masons, carpenters, and electricians is already felt, and they will be extremely needed in every enterprise and after 10 years. People who ideally own their working specialty will always be in demand. At the same time, the opinion that this kind of occupation is characterized by a low salary and is one of the lowest grades in society is already quite rarely found confirmation.

The worker, who has the highest qualifications and at the same time treats his duties with great responsibility, is actually able to receive quite a lot. An additional plus of similar professions – both in the presence and in the absence of a permanent place in the specialty, you can always find a part-time job.

Choosing the sphere of activity today, it is worthwhile to think about whether it will be in demand tomorrow since further employment will depend on your decision. After all, I want so much to hope that the money spent and the titanic efforts to develop a certain kind of knowledge will not be in vain.

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