Professions of the future – reality on the verge of fiction

Professions of the future

Professions of the future- At the beginning of the 20th century, people connected the future with the automotive industry, extraction of useful resources. The appearance of the first computer was a turning point in the history, and the coming years began to be associated with mankind with robots. Today, more and more you can hear about the opportunities associated with the development of outer space and the water environment. Simultaneously with the change of interests, the demand for certain specialties also changes. It is necessary to think about which field of activity to choose so that in the end it does not remain “overboard” of modern life.

What should we expect from the Professions future and what should we prepare for?Professions of the future

A few years ago, programming, journalism and economic specialties were seen as the most popular and promising ones. If you believe the data of the magazine Forbes, then a couple of years they will be out of work in the United States, even after a while – in Europe, after which the trend will spread to Russia. But the directions that provide for employment on a free schedule and do not require specific knowledge, will rapidly gain popularity. Freelance is still in fashion today, and over time this sphere will only expand. It will begin to appear both new and adapted traditional activities. Read more: Enroll in Cosmetology School and Begin a New Career

The results of numerous studies and simulations have shown that the situation will develop in several directions:

Return to the profession, which in recent years have lost their popularity. First of all, this applies to specialties related to agriculture. Farmers and agronomists will be in demand not only on land but also in water. Thanks to modern developments, it is already possible today to build underwater gardens and farmlands.

Absolutely new directions will appear, which today are no longer considered fiction, but have not yet acquired a clear framework. These are activities related to robotics, medicine, space exploration, production of useful resources.

Traditional specialties will be preserved, but they will change. For example, the profession of the teacher will not go anywhere, but it is likely that schools and other educational institutions will disappear. Classes will be broadcast online immediately for an impressive number of students. Read more: Homework For Christmas Holidays: The Tips To Get Them Fast

Some professions will practically disappear. The level of development of modern technologies already allows you to independently translate texts from one language to another. Improvement of existing programs will make it possible to achieve an ideal transfer of the meaning of the foregoing, so translators will not be needed. The successful testing of devices that perceive the sound transmission of information with its subsequent translation will allow refusing and synchronists.

Every year in the world there are fewer seamstresses, miners, security guards, lawyers, office workers. They are replaced by automated systems and remote versions of work organization. If the automobile industry continues to develop at the same pace, then in 10 years the need for training of drivers, machinists, conductors, tractor drivers, stackers will disappear.

Professions future that will be in demand in a few yearsProfessions of the future

Despite such an active introduction of machines and robots into the life of modern man, you do not need to think that soon people will be left without work or their activities will be reduced to pushing on the buttons. Physical strength, health and endurance, a high level of intelligence, a broad outlook and in tens of years will be valued no less than now. And in order not to be the owner of an unclaimed or unpopular profession, one must keep a hand on the pulse of trends and engage in self-education.

Already today are known the professions of the future, which will arise over the next 15-20 years and will be regarded as the most in demand:

A medical worker using nano-robots. Bringing to perfection a technology based on the use of artificial microscopic assistants will allow them to be introduced into the human body for the purpose of diagnosing and eliminating diseases.

Specialist in the cultivation of organs. Creation of the necessary amount of living tissue from several cells of the sample will allow refusing transplantation to patients of foreign organs or placement of prostheses.

Neurosurgeon for work with memory. The human brain works like a computer. Scientists are sure that over time it can be also cleaned from unnecessary information, freeing up space for new knowledge.

Consultant for the elderly. The life expectancy of a person increases noticeably with every decade. Thanks to the development of medicine, this indicator should on average 100-110 years. Special doctors will deal with elderly people, giving them advice on improving the quality of life.

Space worker. The conquest of the cosmos is proceeding with leaps and bounds, the colonization of the planets is not far off. Against this background, pilots, guides, consultants, architects will need to work in non-standard conditions.

Specialist in the prevention of environmental disasters. Unfortunately, the technological development of mankind has a negative impact on the state of the environment. Already now, in an experimental way, scientists are trained who can calculate the risks of natural disasters and warn them.

The developer of new types of transport. Submarine tunnels, flying cars, non-standard fuels – this is already a reality, for the development of which our specialists are also needed.

Psychologist for the inhabitants of the virtual world. People spend more and more time in virtual reality, which in time can negatively affect their mental health. The popularity of specialists able to provide timely professional assistance in this area will grow steadily in the coming years.

From the list of activities customary for our days, we can also identify areas that will represent future prospective occupations in a few years:

  • the specialist service center,
  • designer-designer,
  • engineer,
  • specialist in the field of beauty and relaxation,
  • Internet seller,
  • medical worker,
  • the trader at the stock exchange,
  • financial analyst,

Representatives of such areas as accounting, local trade, as well as numerous office workers may find themselves in a situation where their services will no longer be in demand. They are recommended to prepare in advance for such a scenario and think about expanding the arsenal of their skills.

What specialties will be in demand in Russia?Professions of the future

As a resource country with numerous natural resources, vast expanses and long traditions in scientific activity, Russia can develop in all directions from the presented. According to analysts, in the near future the following areas of activity will be most actively expanded:

Agriculture. It is not only the development of virgin lands and the management of existing lands but also the development of new varieties of plant crops. Despite the fact that this direction is as much automated as possible, it can not do without human labor.

Exploration and extraction of minerals. Geologists, engineers, architects, technologists, equipment adjusters are the people without whom safe and effective work in this industry is impossible.

Collection and storage of drinking water. Against the backdrop of global warming, scientists and engineers who are developing the least expensive from a financial point of view methods of extracting raw materials from glaciers, lakes, and clouds will soon be in high demand.

Ecology. Recycling and storage of waste for such a large country is one of the most important issues.

International relationships. The diplomatic work aimed at establishing partnership relations with other countries will also remain relevant.

Mechanical engineering and defense industry. Every year in Russia there are more and more factories, for work on which are necessary adjusters of equipment, technologists, controllers, developers.

It must be remembered that even the most popular and profitable professions will not bring moral satisfaction if they are mastered only for financial reasons. Therefore, thinking about the appropriate type of activity, it is necessary to take into account not only its prestige but also personal interest.

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