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An entrepreneur is successful when he makes instant decisions in unusual situations. To understand business processes, laws, nuances of taxation, you need knowledge. Learn accounting courses on the Internet! Tell you how to do it.

Tax Code – reading is boring, but his knowledge often frees you from responsibility. Calculate profits, calculate wages, calculate taxes and minimize them, take into account fixed assets, optimize the main items of expenditure … The chief accountant always has a lot to do. But when the business owner understands the subtleties of accounting and taxation, the risk that the accountant will run away with the profit or the tax the ill cover with fine decreases many times. Even if a person does not have a higher economic education, a clear knowledge and understanding of the basics of accounting will give significant advantages.

When business is only at the start, the manager needs accounting, like air. You can not walk on the edge in the abyss in the dark. Allegory is formidable, but business is a competitive environment where it is better to equip yourself with knowledge initially. To do this, you do not need to get a second or third degree. Enough good accounting courses! In the Internet space they are presented generously: we will consider 7 programs of distance learning, for which we need or need not pay, we learn about the books of practitioners, which are a guide to action.

Paid accounting coursesaccounting courses

Public information is freely distributed, but those who have acquired valuable information from hard work would gladly receive a reward for its dissemination. In paid accounting courses the program is more intense, and knowledge is more interesting. Consider three examples. Read more: Why Online Education May Be Better than Classroom-Based Education

“Contour” has thoroughly approached the creation of comprehensive accounting training. On the site of the School you can see curio, us webinars, sign up and take online courses, learn the basics, read the latest news and articles.

On webinars, students ask questions, discuss situations, acquire practical knowledge. Courses are offered 8, they correspond to the professional standard “Accountant” with codes A or B, the cost starts from 6 900 dollars:

  • Accounting at OSNO
  • Accounting and tax accounting, reports, tax planning in the OSHO
  • VAT for Practitioners
  • Accounting and tax accounting, reports, tax planning in the USN
  • Accounting at USN
  • Income Taxes
  • Reports, tax accounting and, planning in the OSHO
  • Salary, average earnings

The course of the Neologyaccounting courses

This is an author’s course, which promises to give answers to the questions: are taxes paid correctly, is it time to optimize expenditures, will there be any problems with the audit. The cost is low – 490 rubles. for the entire course, posted training videos and work plan. This is definitely not the course of the chief accountant, but for directors who begin to understand the accounting aspects, it will do. Among the teachers, there are heads, of consulting and outsourcing companies. The knowledge block corresponding to one lesson is accompanied by test tasks. Here are some sample topics:

  • Accounting in business
  • How to organize it
  • Accounting and taxation
  • Taxes, fees
  • Money, trade, warehouse and other
  • Personnel and salaries
  • Errors of newbies
  • How to prepare for the audit

When the pupil passes the proposed lessons, the time of the final test comes. Read more: Oral Examination at the University: This is how it is done, how hard it is and how it works

The developer of services and ready-made solutions for entrepreneurship offers video courses of its own production. Training programs are devoted to working in the modifications of 1C:

  • Accounting 8
  • Salary
  • Department of trade, production
  • Configuring
  • Programming
  • Annual report 6-NFL
  • Retail 8
  • Salary and personnel management
  • Concepts
  • In trading functionality
  • In the regulated account

The courses are useful for upgrading the qualifications of existing accountants, economists. With them, it would be good, to get acquainted with personnel officers and programmers. For 90 days of training, you have to pay 2100 rubles. The course has 800 hours of video recording, where the teachers are experts from the 1C Training Center. Those who want, but do not dare to start, are advised to free samples of video courses, access to cloud versions. To master 1C is to become an accountant by half because there were initially incorporated standard accounting entries, automated accounting reporting, and standard operations.

Free Accounting Coursesaccounting courses

Knowledge – a valuable gift, but do not necessarily pay for them! Runet offers interested online accounting courses without payment. Consider the essence of the sentence on 2 examples.

The video course is designed for 4 months after the certificate is issued. There are 3 programs available: for a director (for dummies, as they say), for a salary accountant (for beginners in a career), for a USN accountant. The project was created by the developers of Kontur. Ukraine and promises a practical guidance of experts. Lessons are illustrated by comics, practical situations of practitioners. The knowledge is grouped into 8 lessons, each containing video and screening tests with assignments.

The program announces the basics:

  • Accounting
  • Legislation on Labor
  • Recruiting employees
  • Payroll calculations
  • Benefits of taxation systems
  • Personal Income Taxes
  • Organization Management at the USN

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