Test your choice!

test your choice

Test your choice! For those who have already decided on the choice of the institution of higher learning and specialty for study in Poland, we suggest testing our choice according to our methodology. In Poland, there are more than 400 universities. How to understand that your option is actually the best? Try simple steps.

#1) What about the prospects for employment in this specialty? In Polish sources, you can find extensive statistics: what percentage of graduates find work and for how long, which part of the young professionals are working in their specialty. Among the professions, there are job-placement leaders and outsiders. Read more: 10 Different study strategies to promote learningtest your choice

#2) What salary you can count, settling for this specialty? How much do they pay immediately after the university and what increases have been made in this industry? There are professions where the starting remuneration is lower, but salary growth with experience is higher than in other spheres. All information about salaries in Poland is in the public domain and is based on official reports on the earnings of workers. Read more: Enroll in Cosmetology School and Begin a New Career

#3) So, career opportunities suit. Now let’s look at the university itself. Is it listed in this direction? Did we choose the best? Please note that in Poland there are university rankings by directions. Some kind of polytechnic university is stronger in IT, some kind of architecture. Somewhere better to study the economy, and somewhere journalism. Read reviews of both our students and Polish, they help to see the full picture, see articles on the topic.test your choice

#4) The university is chosen as the most suitable. Congratulate yourself on this and look further. If this is a private institution, do we not overpay for our education? Will it not happen that we will come in 3 or 5 years and sit down to work next to someone who studied in a nearby street and paid 2 times less for the same specialty? How justified is prestige? If we are talking about a state university, then we will ask the same question about the complexity of admission. What caused such a big competition or why so many exams? Sometimes it happens that the university traditionally attracts a large number of entrants, just because it is in Warsaw. For private universities it is useful to look at branches in other cities – the cost of training and living there can be significantly lower. Again, to help us with reviews on specialized sites. It makes sense to track scholarship programs or programs with EU funding. Maybe somewhere there is a chance to get scholarships or significant discounts on training?

#5) We found the best price + quality option! We look at the curricula. Because the name of the specialty does not always accurately reflect the essence of what will be taught. Will not a surprise for the student a large number of hours in chemistry in a creative university or the lack of mathematics in finance? Studying the curriculum is the last and decisive step. This is the only way to make sure that we go where we want, and we will study what we planned.

If all 5 steps received a positive evaluation – go ahead! We enter the chosen university and study with joy. Specialists of our company can go through all these stages together with those who enter the StudentPOL program. Please contact us – it’s time to test your choice!

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